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  our wild singapore: Botanic Gardens Rainforest Trail
mms upload for 14 Aug 04 (Sat)

14/08/04 08:10 Good Morning! Tis miserable to have to be at work on a Saturday morning but my colleague's cute little sunflower-in-a-can always cheers us up. It's amazing how just a little bit of nature can make a day better. This afternoon, hope to catch some guiding at Botanic Gardens...
14/08/04 15:55 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #1:
Today, my schedule finally allows me to guide at the Rainforest Trail. From the records, the last time I did this was August last year (pai-seh leh :-) Here is Keith, our Main Man at the SBG Volunteer guide group explaining the tour to a visitor.
14/08/04 16:08 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #2: Fortunately, today Keith has asked Claire (young lady in left corner) to partner me as a guide. She comes to guide every month! *sigh of relief* :-) Here she is showing the visitors the seeds of the oil palms that grow right in the Palm Court at the Visitor Centre.
14/08/04 16:09 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #3:
The seeds leave a yellow stain. Claire informs that the inner portion is used to make the oil in palm oil, while the outside is used to make soap.
14/08/04 16:16 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #4:
We start off with the Seah family, to introduce them to the rainforest. Apparently the family were with me for the Chek Jawa tour as well. What a lovely family to bring their kids to all the nature places in Singapore! Wonderful!
14/08/04 16:17 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #5:
At the entrance to the Rainforest Trail, Claire checks for snakes. Alas, none today. But no fear, the fearsome rattan is always there. Claire tells us all about how the scary spines on the rattan is removed, and why it's called the wait-a-minute plant...you'll have to join her tour to find out for yourself :-)
14/08/04 16:21 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #6:
We are shortly joined by the Lim family with kids as well. Wonderful! We enter the rainforest proper. The trail is a bit steep, but still OK for the All-Terrain Pram that the Seah family have.
14/08/04 16:28 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #7:
Claire explains this gigantic tree which produces chewing gum! Wow!
Posted by kllow14 Posted on 14/08/04 21:08
This must be the Julutong tree. This soft wood is used in secondary school technical classes.

Posted by Ria Posted on 14/08/04 22:09
THANKS...I kind of forgot the name of the tree. See lah, I'm such a useless guide :-)
14/08/04 16:34 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #8: Another stop to explain the Fish Tail Palm. I learnt from Claire that it produces a kind of fluff that can be used to start a fire even in damp weather. Great to know in the field.
14/08/04 16:37 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #9:
We marvel at the elegant fig tree and its very tall buttress roots, tall as some of the adults! The kids in the group learn that kicking the roots produce music, but is hard on the toes. Ouch.
14/08/04 16:50 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #10:
The group behind us is led by Claire's mum. I take a quick picture before joining our group again...
14/08/04 17:01 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #11:
After a stop to look at the gigantic strangling fig, and the marvellous sugar palm (no pics, too busy talking :-), Claire the Keen Eyed spots a tiny bright red bug among the leaf litter. After some effort, it is restrained for a closer look. But it's too small for camera phone :-(
14/08/04 17:13 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #12:
Alas, all too soon, we come to the end of the tour. A last look at one of the wild gingers with delicate flowers. Claire then leads the group back to the Visitor Centre. Along the way, we hope to spot a snake in the undergrowth bordering the path, or perhaps bats roosting under the leaves of the palms in Palm Valley.
14/08/04 17:18 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #13:
While we didn't manage to find a snake or a bat, Claire again saves the day and finds a wonderful Man-Faced Bug. Unfortunately camera phone doesn't do it justice. This brilliant blue-green bug has markings that resembles a human face!
14/08/04 17:35 Botanic Gardens Rainforest Tour #14 (last): We have a well-deserved drink (and I chomp down a HUGE ice-cream) at the Cafe. When we bump into Mark and Morten! Wow, Mark has grown. He has the loveliest brown eyes and is such a friendly child. What a treasure!

The Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre is at 1 Cluny Road.
More about the Botanic Gardens Rainforest Trail including a location map and details about the free guided walks there.

More about Mark and Morten. And my earlier mms upload on Morten's wonderful Nature's Niche bookshop.


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