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  our wild singapore: Nature's Niche at the
Singapore Botanic Gardens
mms upload for 23 Jul 04 (Fri)

23/07/04 11:55 Nature's Niche #1:
The Botanic Gardens Shop (Nature's Niche) is my all time favourite place!! Unlike most Singaporeans, I really hate to shop, except here. The shop is run by Ng Bee Choo and Morten Strange, both also avid nature volunteers.
23/07/04 11:56 Nature's Niche #2:
There is a vast offering of fabulous books, from gardening and orchid books...
23/07/04 11:58 Nature's Niche #3:
More "serious" books and academic works...
23/07/04 11:59 Nature's Niche #4:
Books about mammals in our region and elsewhere...
23/07/04 12:00 Nature's Niche #5:
My favourite section...on marine life.
23/07/04 12:01 Nature's Niche #6: And of course, the absolutely best selection of bird books on the island. These two are Morten's books on birds in Singapore and the region, I worship his work.
23/07/04 12:02 Nature's Niche #7: Oops, a familiar book...the Chek Jawa Guidebook topped Nature Niche's top 10 best sellers :-) Do get a copy if you haven't already. All profits from the sale of the book goes towards the Chek Jawa volunteer system and other efforts on Chek Jawa.
kllow14 Posted on 23/07/04 15:12
U forgot to add S$18.00 per copy. Autographs while ink lasts!!!

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 15:59
Thanks Kok Leong for the reminder. ONLY $18, and autographs at any time. Will sign with blood if ink is out :-)
23/07/04 12:03 Nature's Niche #8: Top quality binoculars and all kinds of other interesting nature accessories are also on sale. As well as postcards, gifts, jewelery, souvenirs. There is also a really fun selection of nature-related kids books and toys.
23/07/04 12:09 Nature's Niche #9: (last): But what really caught my eye was this amazingly realistic snake. For more visit the Nature Niche website.
yman Posted on 23/07/04 17:41
Yikes snakes! One of my most dreaded kind of animals. It might be that I know very little about snakes and that I had some scary incidents coming face to face with some of them during my past nature walks. They kind of give you a fright, even though they are more frightened than us.

I once saw a very fat python in a neighbourhood school. Schools in Singapore have an eco-garden as part of their science curriculum. It is common find to a little pond, a garden of vegetables, and also chickens or rabbits roaming around the eco-garden. This is just the perfect setting to have uninvited guests to dinner. Apparently, this python found its way to the school eco-garden through the underground drains and had it sumptious dinner. By the morning it was too full to make its way home and decided to camp at a tree in the school compound.

Imagine the commotion during the morning assembly, when a teacher spotted the huge python. The assembly was over much faster than you can say ¡°Call the Police!. Well that is typical of whom Singaporeans will call to catch a snake. To cut the story short, the Civil Defence came by and took away the python. The moral of the story ¨C Don¡¯t¡¯ be be a ¡°snake¡± in school! (:> Yman)

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 22:03
Wow, what a snake story. Thanks for sharing yman. Actually I think snakes are very cool. I love to take pictures of them, but more especially to hold them. Of course, I only hold the ones that are not dangerous (and big wild pythons are not on that list). They feel very very nice :-) But I guess to each his own.

The Botanic Gardens Shop (Nature's Niche) is at
the Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre is at 1 Cluny Road.
More about Nature's Niche


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