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  our wild singapore: Pulau Ubin
mms upload for 8 Aug 04 (Sun)
Part 1 | Part 2

08/08/04 15:28 Pulau Ubin #1:
I thought I'd drop by my all time favourite place as a special treat to myself. I hardly get to go on a leisurely visit :-) So off I go from Changi Jetty heading for Pulau Ubin...
08/08/04 15:41 Pulau Ubin #2:
The tide is REALLY high when I arrive...a most unusual situation for me :-)
08/08/04 15:44 Pulau Ubin #3:
Even from Ubin Jetty, I can see that there's lots going on at Ubin Town. The famous Rhinoceros Rock in the foreground is almost submerged with only the "horns" of the rhino sticking out.
08/08/04 15:48 Pulau Ubin #4:
First, a quick hello to the friendly NParks folks at the Visitor Centre, all gaily decked out for National Day. It's been a busy day, they said. Some young folks on a plant hunt ask me for help, but it's way too "cheem" for me. The person who devised the plant hunt must be a Real Botanist.
8/08/04 15:51 Pulau Ubin #5:
Pak Ali's shop next to Ubin Jetty is also all decked out in flags, and lots of people are milling about coming and going from Ubin. It's nice to see all these visitors on my favourite little island.
08/08/04 15:52 Pulau Ubin #6:
It's also busy at the bicycle rental shops...
08/08/04 15:57 Pulau Ubin #7:
One of the more interesting sights on Ubin, a Very Old Taxi, that is still in operation...by a Very Old Taxi Driver.
08/08/04 15:59 Pulau Ubin #8:
For a Real Flavour of Ubin in all senses, you must stop by at Sin Lam Huat Eating House. They serve lovely home-style cooked food and there are LOTS of wonderful photos of Ubin on the walls. Including interesting historic photos.
08/08/04 16:06 Pulau Ubin #9:
Further down into Ubin Town, you can get fresh coconuts. Perfect thirst quencher after a day out on Ubin.
08/08/04 16:11 Pulau Ubin #10:
Today's Special is Fresh Rambutans too, straight off the back of a lorry. This doesn't happen every day. Depends on the season. Yummy.
08/08/04 16:52 Pulau Ubin #11:
At the bicycle rentals, I come across this couple who instead of walking their dogs are cycling with them. Later on, I saw them come back from their trip and the dogs seemed to have had lots of fun :-)
08/08/04 16:54 Pulau Ubin #12:
Here are some shots of historic photos...elephants were recently sighted on Ubin. It is believed they swam over from Johor. There was a bit of an operation to bring them back to Malaysia in a reserve where they would be safe.
08/08/04 16:55 Pulau Ubin #13:
Ubin was once a thriving place, with thousands of people living and working there, mainly centred around the quarrying industry. There were all the usual amenities including a school for kids.
08/08/04 16:57 Pulau Ubin #14:
I wondered which dog this referred to... and which owner...
08/08/04 17:01 Pulau Ubin #15:
It refers to this cute little bundle of nervous energy called JC. His owner said people sometimes tease the poor creature so she has to beat them up :-)
08/08/04 17:11 Pulau Ubin #16:
Mr KP Tan and his friend Ronald are showing me a new part of Ubin that they have just been visiting. KP is a treasurehouse of information and stories about Ubin. A trip with him is truly something special. We start at the Ubin village headman's house, where the Garlic Vine is in full bloom.
08/08/04 17:12 Pulau Ubin #17:
Here is the Headman himself. He is 96! Ubin really must be good for the body :-)
08/08/04 17:14 Pulau Ubin #18:
KP and Ronald show me around the Headman's home. They have an ostrich in the backyard!! Apparently the poor creature was brought in as a pair by the Ubin Lagoon Resort people. It's companion accidentally ate a bicycle (well, a part of it) and died. The Resort people gave the survivor to the Headman, who has since been looking after it.
08/08/04 17:16 Pulau Ubin #19:
There is a charming vegetable and flower garden in the backyard too, with lots of interesting vegetables and cheerful blossoms.
08/08/04 17:17 Pulau Ubin #20:
Dinner is cooking over a wood stove, as we unceremoniously stomp through the open air kitchen...sorry, sorry, I apologised as we intruded.
08/08/04 17:23 Pulau Ubin #21:
And then we're off, with little Wilson in tow. We arrive at a meadow of flowering lallang, a sight that is rarely seen nowadays in over-manicured urban areas.
08/08/04 17:26 Pulau Ubin #22:
Wilson spots a crab on the path. Is it dead? No! But Mr KP Tan knows how to deal with it without getting nipped, and we put it back into the water. It was probably fished out by someone who didn't want it but didn't put it back...sigh.
08/08/04 17:27 Pulau Ubin #23: We are in a beautiful series of ponds which used to be prawn farms. The mangroves are taking it back and the plants grow profusely. There were lots of flowering and fruiting plants and very VERY healthy specimens they were.
08/08/04 17:29 Pulau Ubin #23:
Here are my gallant guides: Ronald (left) and KP Tan (right).
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Pulau Ubin is reached via Changi Jetty at Changi Point, Changi Village.
More about Pulau Ubin including a location map, what to do, how to get there and free guided walks there

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