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  our wild singapore: Sekudu
mms upload for 30 Jul 04 (Fri)

29/07/04 21:01 Sekudu Field Trip #1:
Work begins in late evening, packing the video gear...
29/07/04 21:05 Sekudu Field Trip #2
:...and the still camera gear...
30/07/04 00:46 Sekudu Field Trip #3:
After a short nap, we wake up to a hearty breakfast with the two important C's: COFFEE and Coke...
30/07/04 01:00 Sekudu Field Trip #4:
Time to go...but first have to extricate field pack from under Ginger who is happily settled on it...
kllow14 Posted on 30/07/04 12:07
Ah, there is Ginger!!!

gobygirl Posted on 30/07/04 09:54
The Cat Crusade strikes again!
30/07/04 01:43 Sekudu Field Trip #5:
The old bridge over Changi Creek that brings us to Changi Jetty..everything soo lomantic with dim lighting. Trying out the night mode function on camera phone. Rather iffy.
30/07/04 01:49 Sekudu Field Trip #6:
Yah gobygirl (who posted her comment before I could add text to this photo) we do look very shifty...with a ton of gear, in the deep still darkness, heading for parts unknown...
gobygirl Posted on 30/07/04 09:53
Were you shipping illegal immigrants??
30/07/04 01:50 Sekudu Field Trip #7:
Changi Point from the boat... quite nice and the night mode function quite impressive.
30/07/04 02:04 Sekudu Field Trip #8:
We arrive safely on Sekudu and unpack the gear on lovely table sized and table height rocks. There is even a little "cupboard" formed out of overhanging rocks to stash stuff. It is starting to drizzle...
30/07/04 03:57 Sekudu Field Trip #9:
This is my best attempt to take a camera phone photo of the big red starfish. Night mode function not so great after all. Will soon upload the photos I took this morning soon, so you can have a look at better shots of what we saw today. It was fabulous! Among the sights, a brittlestar releasing its eggs!! I kid you not!
30/07/04 05:11 Sekudu Field Trip #10:
It's a little after 5am and the tide has already turned so we head home. No sunrise, so no better photos with camera phone...sorry :-) Tomorrow, we'll be on the shore until sunrise, so wish us good weather for better photos.
30/07/04 10:43 Sekudu Field Trip #11 (last):
After Short Nap No. 2 (during low tide dates, we snatch sleep in short bits), we finally get around to washing up the gear. We were hoping it would rain while we slept so we wouldn't have to do it. Yes, Kok Leong (who commented before I could add text to this photo), Lucifer IS doing site inspection and saying "look at ALL these leaves! Where is Kok Leong and his wonderful leaf blower?" :-) Ginger is fine Thanks! She is featured in this series, see earlier photo as she refused to get off the field gear.
kllow14 Posted on 30/07/04 12:06
Lucifer ground inspection. How is Ginger? Is she back already?

Gallery of photos that I took today at Sekudu

More about Sekudu's shores: more photos and info


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