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mms upload for 20 Jul 04 (Tue)

20/07/04 05:04 Changi #1:
Today we get to sleep in a bit as departure is at 6am. I see my pail has been assigned to my field pack already...
20/07/04 05:25 Changi #2:
In between a lack lustre breakfast, I have just enough time to make the necessary modifications to the pail. What's going on?...can you guess? :-)

Gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:38
Are you making a fireman's helmet out of it?? =)

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 09:43
Now that you mention it, and with all those ominous signs about falling coconuts in our coastal parks...that might be yet ANOTHER great idea for the bucket :-)
20/07/04 06:37 Changi #3:
As usual, camera phone only works after sunrise. And what a glorious one it was today...
20/07/04 06:52 Changi #4:
Almost not a cloud in the sky, the clear blue sky incredibly rare...
jani Posted on 22/07/04 14:06
My gawd! Even with the camera phone this looks AMAZING!! I think I'd cry if I were there to see this view myself...
20/07/04 06:53 Changi #5:
I was exploring a different part of Changi from the rest of the film crew. It was really beat up the last time I visited in April. But today, things appear to be looking up. There were lots of these amazing Peacock anemones. For better photos of these beauties.
20/07/04 06:55 Changi #6:
There were also lots of ferocious crabs :-) For better photos of these crabs.
20/07/04 07:11 Changi #7:
The great ball of the Sun actually emerging from behind the mountains of Johor...fabulous! But of course Camera Phone can't really do justice to it...sigh. For a better photo of the sunrise.
20/07/04 07:18 Changi #8:
These young folks came just to take pictures of the sunrise.
20/07/04 07:23 Changi #9:
The sandflat is DIRECTLY under the flight path of planes landing in the morning. The roar of low flying aircraft only makes you better appreciate the quiet lapping waves on the shore.
20/07/04 07:29 Changi #10:
As usual, sunrise means the tide has come in and it's time to pack up and go home. Changi Beach Park is particularly beautiful in the early morning light.
20/07/04 07:34 Changi #11:
There are some hazards at the Park, but clear warnings are posted :-)
20/07/04 07:40 Changi #12:
The Park is also a great place to camp out and enjoy a priceless morning view for free!
20/07/04 07:41 Changi #13:
Of course, you can do without the tent altogether :-)
20/07/04 07:42 Changi #14:
It really warms the heart to see that parents still bring their kids to the beach in the morning. In the background is Pulau Ubin with Chek Jawa at the rightmost tip.
20/07/04 07:44 Changi #15:
Here is where I dropped off the film crew. They are still hard at work even as the tide comes in.
20/07/04 07:45 Changi #16:
Tom and the Big Gun or Papa camera as we call him. I doubt if we are using the camera as it was meant to be. But everything lives only once...equipment especially :-)
20/07/04 07:46 Changi #17:
Alvin is using Mama cam on an innocent snail...
20/07/04 07:48 Changi #18:
Now it's really time to pack it up...
20/07/04 07:50 Changi #19:
Have you figured out the pail thing yet?...well, actually, it's a bucket seat :-) The handle on the top helps us keep our hands clean when we pick it up after we put the pail down on the mud to sit on it. We are inventing all kinds of cool stuff during the film project :-)
20/07/04 07:52 Changi #20 (last):
Time to go home...

Gallery of photos that I took today at Changi

Changi Beach Park is along Nicoll Drive (aka Changi coastal road) near Changi Village location map
More about Changi's shores: more photos and info

More about Changi Beach Park on the NParks website


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