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  our wild singapore: Pulau Hantu
mms upload for 30 Aug (Mon)

29/08/04 21:23 Field trip to Hantu #1:
Carol, an angel sent to answer our prayers for post-production help, is coming with us for our trip. She's arrived early at Base Camp to review our footage...
30/08/04 03:29 Field trip to Hantu #2:
After the usual all night party at Base Camp, we set off for Hantu from West Coast Pier. As we wait for the boat to arrive, Kok Leong spots bats feeding over the sea...cool.
30/08/04 03:35 Field trip to Hantu #3:
Then, we're off...
30/08/04 04:00 Field trip to Hantu #4:
Camera phone night function struggles to capture Hantu's silhoutte against the bright lights of the Bukom refinery...
30/08/04 06:45 Field trip to Hantu #5:
Tis morning and tide is coming in. So here's a better look at the rich shores, just opposite a major industrial site. We had FABULOUS visibility today. The water is unusually clear. So even though the tide is coming in, it's still possible to shoot!
30/08/04 07:44 Field trip to Hantu #6:
The lagoon has lots of mushroom corals with their very attractive white-tipped fat tentacles.
30/08/04 07:46 Field trip to Hantu #7:
A sad sight, a fish trap. Abandoned but still killing. This one had a dead swimming crab in it.
30/08/04 07:52 Field trip to Hantu #8:
The sun is rising, but it's another power-failure sunrise. The haze is getting really bad and you can clearly see the layer over the horizon when you're out at sea.
30/08/04 07:58 Field trip to Hantu #9:
As the tide gets really high, we trudge back. Hantu is made up of two islands which were enlarged through reclamation. There are paths under tall mature trees, toilet facilities, three swimming lagoons and lots of shelters.
30/08/04 08:32 Field trip to Hantu #10:
We're a bit late for the boat as we got distracted by the good water conditions. The weather has been fabulous. Kok Leong is now absolved of his title Rain Man :-)
30/08/04 08:33 Field trip to Hantu #11:
Leaving the jetty on Hantu Besar (or Big Ghost Island). This is our last early morning visit to Hantu for the year.
30/08/04 08:37 Field trip to Hantu #12 (last):
Time for a well-deserved nap on the boat ride home. Darn, I have to go back to work in the afternoon :-( Well at least for this trip, no one got stung by a stonefish :-)

More about Hantu's shores: more photos and info


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