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  our wild singapore: Sekudu
mms upload for 28 Aug 04 (Sat)

28/08/04 01:11 Field trip to Sekudu #1:
Supper for breakfast (phrase courtesy of Chay Hoon). Yummy...Perfect Field Food--sardines straight from the can and cheese that looked like it's never seen a cow. The bread was nice though....
28/08/04 02:03 Field trip to Sekudu #2:
The lights over Changi Bridge as we leave Changi Jetty.
28/08/04 02:10 Field trip to Sekudu #3:
It's tricky landing in the dark on a rock in the middle of the sea. But our boatman is very experienced.
28/08/04 12:18 Field trip to Sekudu #4 (last):
The sun has not risen yet but the tide has so it's time to go home. After a quick stop for a Real Breakfast...we crash out. I just got up and realised this mms upload didn't get through at 0530am when it was first sent...

Gallery of photos that I took today at Sekudu

More about Sekudu's shores: more photos and info


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