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  our wild singapore: Bedok Reservoir Park
mms upload for 26 Aug 04 (Thu)

26/08/04 12:55 Bedok Reservoir Park #1: It's a lovely blue-sky afternoon, and I thought I'd take the long drive from my workplace to this HUGE park.
26/08/04 12:57 Bedok Reservoir Park #2: Shady but sparsely planted trees form a ring around the enormous body of water...
26/08/04 12:58 Bedok Reservoir Park #3: It's blue waters and blue skies as far as the eye can see. There's a gravel jogging track surrounding the reservoir that must be well used in the cool evenings or early mornings.
26/08/04 12:58 Bedok Reservoir Park #4: Bedok is my childhood home and I remember playing in lallang next to a VERY long conveyor belt that carried granite and sand 24-hours a day from somewhere in the heart of Bedok to reclaim the East Coast shore. I got the impression that this sand and granite came from a hill in Bedok that was carved down to bedrock and is now Bedok Reservoir. I never really could confirm this.
26/08/04 13:06 Bedok Reservoir Park #5: Oops, there were LOTS of signs in the park proclaiming LOUDLY what was NOT allowed.
26/08/04 13:07 Bedok Reservoir Park #5: But these don't deter the diehards who come to enjoy the peace and quiet in the Park. Here's one such soul...oh no...he came on a bicycle :-)
26/08/04 13:07 Bedok Reservoir Park #6: There was a large field "planted" with tall poles for bird singing enthusiasts. All empty now, perhaps it's the hot weather...
26/08/04 13:08 Bedok Reservoir Park #7: But then how come these bird singing poles OUTSIDE the park near the carpark was full of birds? Their patient owners sat in the shade observing their treasures.
26/08/04 13:09 Bedok Reservoir Park #8: There were several bird shops in the shopping area just next to the park. It personally hurts me to see birds in cages. I just cannot understand how any one can enjoy the singing of a creature that is caged...
26/08/04 13:10 Bedok Reservoir Park #9: In a tiny plot in the middle of the shopping area, a succulent papaya tree and bush full of juicy jambus. The papaya fruits were lovingly wrapped, awaiting ripening.
26/08/04 13:11 Bedok Reservoir Park #10: A closer look at those juicy jambus...yumm.
26/08/04 13:12 Bedok Reservoir Park #11 (last): As I leave the park, I notice a portion has been left wild. That's good. It will provide food and shelter for some of our wilder creatures and provide opportunities for people to interact with them.


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