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  our wild singapore: Bishan Park
mms upload for 25 Aug 04 (Wed)

25/08/04 12:38 Bishan Park #1: Today, I thought of visiting this gigantic park. So of course, like the last time, it rained again. But it stopped just long enough for me to have a quick look at it.
25/08/04 12:40 Bishan Park #2: One half of the Park has a series of lovely ponds linked by charming red bridges. These were some folks fishing at the ponds. They looked a bit furtive though I couldn't see any of the usual "no fishing" signs.
25/08/04 12:44 Bishan Park #3: They caught a few fishes already. Not very large, doubt if they can be eaten. So perhaps for the home aquarium?
25/08/04 12:45 Bishan Park #4: Under the flowering yellow flame tree, a little cafe that looks like it might be a nice place to have an evening meal. Overlooking the ponds.
25/08/04 12:58 Bishan Park #5: I drive over to the other half of the Park across the main road. It's a huger portion with football fields and other amenities. But first, I head for the horticultural areas. I couldn't find the succulent garden that was marked on the map, but came across this lovely lily pond.
25/08/04 12:59 Bishan Park #6: You know me, I'm a sucker for water, so I just had to stay and admire all the different lilies.
25/08/04 13:01 Bishan Park #7: the Park has a different kind of playground for kids with this bright blue trampoline!
25/08/04 13:02 Bishan Park #8: As it's a large park, so of course, the usual reflexology paths are much more extensive. But still looks painful to me.
25/08/04 13:03 Bishan Park #9: There is a portion for skating, but looking empty and forlorn now during the weekday in the rain. I'm sure it's a lot livelier in the evenings or weekends.
25/08/04 13:03 Bishan Park #10: There is also a shop that rents bicycles. Business is very slow today.
25/08/04 16:50 Bishan Park #11: There's a posh looking cafe with al fresco dinning right near the carpark. Looks like a nice place for dinner.
25/08/04 16:51 Bishan Park #12: There's even a vet! Wow! I'm amazed.
25/08/04 16:52 Bishan Park #13 (last): The Park looks like a very civilised place to go with the family for a day out in the not-so-wild nature and enjoy some fresh air and fun.

Bishan Park is along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1.
More about Bishan Park on the NParks website.


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