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  our wild singapore: Bukit Batok Nature Park
mms upload for 24 Aug 04 (Tue)

24/08/04 12:28 Bukit Batok Nature Park #1:
A lovely park that I was saving for a day when I could spend a little bit more than 15 minutes rushing through it :-)
24/08/04 12:35 Bukit Batok Nature Park #2:
A short stroll from the entrance along a wide path leads you to the quarry. When the water overflows the quarry, it runs along a natural stream; a fascinating place for little children to find fishies and other small aquatic creatures.
24/08/04 12:38 Bukit Batok Nature Park #3:
There are shady paved paths leading up the hill, meandering under tall trees with shelters at regular intervals.
24/08/04 12:39 Bukit Batok Nature Park #4:
Among the strange trees you might see is this Handkerchief Tree. The young leaves are pink and droop down in bunches.
24/08/04 12:41 Bukit Batok Nature Park #5:
There are other trees of greater interest to Singaporeans too in the Park. But they can pose a danger to the unwary :-)
24/08/04 12:43 Bukit Batok Nature Park #6:
As you reach the top of the hill, there are look-out points with fabulous views of the quarry and park areas below.
24/08/04 12:44 Bukit Batok Nature Park #7:
This magnificent view often attracts photographers...
24/08/04 12:45 Bukit Batok Nature Park #8:
But do be careful and stay behind the railings. The sides are steep and crumbly and signs show clearly what can go Seriously Wrong if you don't.
24/08/04 12:46 Bukit Batok Nature Park #9:
A walk through the Park often rewards with the sights and sounds of all kinds of birds. There are signs with pictures and stories about some of these birds. My favourite is the drongo which has a strange long tail.
24/08/04 12:49 Bukit Batok Nature Park #10:
I also saw a monitor lizard (possibly a Clouded and not the usual Water monitor); lots of squirrels and what looked like a forest rat. Monkeys are sometimes also seen. Please do not feed them.
24/08/04 12:51 Bukit Batok Nature Park #11:
At the top of Bukit Batok is a memorial marking the Japanese and Allied Forces monuments to those fallen in WWII. You can also drive up to the monument from the main road. But it's a much nicer walk under the trees from the Park.
24/08/04 12:55 Bukit Batok Nature Park #12:
Even in the afternoon there are people out and about walking the trail. It's even more popular in the evenings and weekends.
24/08/04 13:02 Bukit Batok Nature Park #13 (last):
A last look at the Park on the trail which winds under tall tall trees.

Bukit Batok Nature Park is at Bukit Batok East Avenue 2.
More about Bukit Batok Nature Park including a location map.


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