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  our wild singapore: Botanic Gardens Ecolake
mms upload for 23 Aug 04 (Mon)

23/08/04 13:15 Botanic Gardens Ecolake #1:
A quickie stopover to the Bukit Timah Core portion of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The lake sparkles under the bright blue sky, looking very cool this hot afternooon.
23/08/04 13:17 Botanic Gardens Ecolake #2:
No, that's not camera phone messing up the photo. It's really a black swan! The lake also attracts a host of other waterbirds which find shelter and food in the plants in the gardens.
23/08/04 13:19 Botanic Gardens Ecolake #3:
There are intriguing collections of plants scattered about in the Gardens. This is a collection of various kinds of bamboo, gently rustling in the breeze.
23/08/04 13:20 Botanic Gardens Ecolake #4:
There's also a corner of banana trees. Our native species of bananas come in a fascinating range of shapes, sizes and colour. The Chiquita banana we buy from the supermarket is actually imported, and is not the only kind of banana that exists :-)
23/08/04 13:20 Botanic Gardens Ecolake #5:
Some of the bananas in the Gardnes have beautiful flowers!
23/08/04 13:22 Botanic Gardens Ecolake #6:
The Gardens appears to be well used even in this hot lunchtime. There was a gaggle of office girls in the pergola sipping drinks after lunch. And this determined guy was jogging in the mid-day sun!
23/08/04 13:23 Botanic Gardens Ecolake #7:
A large tree flushed with these delicate flowers in two colours is a wondrous sight.
23/08/04 13:26 Botanic Gardens Ecolake #8:
In the Spice corner, lots of fragrant spices like pandan and mind, and other favourites like these bright red little chillies.
23/08/04 13:26 Botanic Gardens Ecolake #9:
And Laksa Leaves looking all delicious and ready to spice a bowl of our favourite dish.
23/08/04 13:28 Botanic Gardens Ecolake #10 (last):
Right next to Ecolake is Food Haven, a food court with a nice selection of food and obviously popular with the office crowd, judging from the really full carpark :-)

The Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre is at 1 Cluny Road.
More about the Botanic Gardens including a location map and details about the free guided walks there.


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