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  our wild singapore: Spider hunt on Pulau Ubin
mms upload for 21 Aug 04 (Sat)

21/08/04 09:27 Spider hunt at Ubin #1:
A fabulous combination of my one of my favourite activities with my favourite place ;-) Joseph and I are off, leaving Changi point for Ubin. And yes, Kok Leong, all the bumboats nicely reverse parked, waiting to take people out to Ubin.
Posted by kllow14 Posted on 21/08/04 13:19
Reverse parking.
21/08/04 09:28 Spider hunt at Ubin #2:
The bumboat driver has a really hip hair cut and dyed blonde. Wow! Who says it's boring at Changi.

Posted by kllow14 Posted on 21/08/04 13:20 Uncle Mohawk. His hairstyle is the most cool of the bumboat operators. He should use Gasby to gel up his hair.

Posted by voyager Posted on 22/08/04 23:00 Ugh.... Hate those ads.... Anyway, I have to agree... He **** cool...

Posted by Ria Posted on 24/08/04 11:07
The bumboat operators indeed have colourful personalities. I hope the effort to record Ubin's oral history extends to them. I am sure they have lots of interesting stories about Ubin, Changi and the sea.
21/08/04 09:30 Spider hunt at Ubin #3:
It's a clear blue sky as we pass Changi Point (sandy portion on the right) and head toward Ubin (Chek Jawa on the left horizon). The weather promises to be good!
21/08/04 10:05 Spider hunt at Ubin #4:
We meet up with Robert at the NParks office and he and Bari take us out to Kampung Melayu. We pass a large group of students earnestly taking part in some sort of challenging activity. Ubin is a great place to have outdoor challenges so that young people can re-connect with history, nature, geography and lots more.
21/08/04 10:13 Spider hunt at Ubin #5:
And here are the friendly NParks Rangers who make sure everyone is safe and happy on Ubin. Sgt is on the left (he really knows how to drive the truck so everyone has a good time....if you like roller coaster rides that is :-). And Bari (in the truck) is a much gentler driver which old folk like me with delicate bones prefer.
21/08/04 10:25 Spider hunt at Ubin #6:
Robert leads us into the forest where we immediately start finding stuff. And spiders too, of course!
21/08/04 10:56 Spider hunt at Ubin #7:
The native Ixora bushes that grow wild in the forest are all blooming, adding bright splashes of colour to the greenery.
21/08/04 11:27 Spider hunt at Ubin #8:
Here is Ali with an idea. Ali is among the best botanists I know of. Besides knowing all the names of all the plants (not just scientific name but also common and malay names), he also has lots of interesting stories about these plants. Here he is holding on to a fruiting idea. Confused?
21/08/04 11:28 Spider hunt at Ubin #9: So was I. Until it was explained that the scientific name for this plant was "Idea"...ohhh I see :-) Ali also has a wacky sense of humour. This plant is also sometimes called "Kopi Hutan" or forest coffee. It has a strange little leaf in between the big leaves.
21/08/04 11:52 Spider hunt at Ubin #10:
A strange yellow fruit with little bumps all over it. Bari said it was a fig and Ali confirmed it. Ali said it's nice to eat and it becomes as big as a fist and purple when it's ripe. So yes, Kok Leong, can eat :-)
21/08/04 12:00 Spider hunt at Ubin #12:
We were moving through what was formerly a kampong. A swing was still hanging on a tree. I can just imagine children having a good time here, under the shade of the tree.
Posted by kllow14 Posted on 21/08/04 13:21
Can eat or not?

Posted by voyager Posted on 22/08/04 22:56
Most figs I think can eat right? Esp the ones with the wasps? *Evil Grin*

Posted by Ria Posted on 24/08/04 11:05
Yes, I believe you're right voyager. Most figs are edible by some animal or other. For those who are wondering why wasps warrant an evil grin...figs are pollinated by tiny wasps. The mama wasp enters the fig to lay her eggs and dies there. So if you eat a wild fig, chances are it's spiced with some wasps :-)

For more about fabulous figs, see http://www.szgdocent.org/ff/f-fig.htm
21/08/04 12:01 Spider hunt at Ubin #13:
An abandoned hut full of rotting wood and nooks and crannies is as attractive to spiders as it is to spider hunters :-)
21/08/04 12:05 Spider hunt at Ubin #14:
Our walk takes us to the shore which is edged with mangroves in the distance. The rocky shore near us is COVERED with green seaweed. Also called Sea Lettuce, this lovely bright green seaweed sometimes grows so profusely the shores are carpeted with it.
Posted by voyager Posted on 22/08/04 22:54 Cool! The sea lettuce is back! Then CJ will be green again! Or at least... Greener....

Posted by Ria Posted on 23/08/04 10:06 My thoughts exactly! The big green welcome carpet should be back when public walks resume next quarter.
21/08/04 12:06 Spider hunt at Ubin #15:
No, Kok Leong, it's not a stonefish. There are no stonefishes on Ubin, at least I hope not. I noticed these two walkie talkies in the hot sun on a rock. It turned out the workers nearby were charging these solar powered equipment. Cool! or should it be Hot! :-)
Posted by kllow14 Posted on 21/08/04 13:22
What a big "stonefish". tsk tsk
21/08/04 12:08 Spider hunt at Ubin #16:
It's getting late, we are getting tired and hungry so it's time to go home...
21/08/04 12:54 Spider hunt at Ubin #17:
The elegant cat at Ah Lian's shop is showered with some attention while we tank up on some nice cold drinks.
21/08/04 13:03 Spider hunt at Ubin #18 (last):
Then, reluctantly, we take the bumboat back to the mainland.

Pulau Ubin is reached via Changi Jetty at Changi Point, Changi Village.
More about Pulau Ubin including a location map, what to do, how to get there and free guided walks there

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