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  our wild singapore: Central Nature Reserve
mms upload for 20 Aug 04 (Fri)

20/08/04 08:55 Good Morning! It's a gloomy morning but little plants-in-a-can brighten up odd corners of the office. The cactus is still tiny, but the capsicum plant is doing very well. We are all waiting for the little chillies to turn red :-) I'm sorry yesterday was an mss desert. Today no chance to sneak out either cos got another business lunch. But tonight got field trip!! And lots of trips this weekend too.
20/08/04 18:25 Spider Hunt at Central Nature Reserve #1:
Its raining :( so we have dinner first :) Joseph really knows how to treat us to a good dinner. The only problem is getting him NOT to order too much food, or we will be too sleepy to work hard.
20/08/04 19:15 Spider Hunt at Central Nature Reserve #2: We arrive at the start point as the light is going out. Here is Tom lighting up Dr Chua in the dying daylight. It is still drizzling, but the jungle calls to us and we head out.
20/08/04 19:22 Spider Hunt at Central Nature Reserve #3: We start combing the undergrowth for those elusive spiders. But the steady drizzle keeps them in their hiding places and the shiny vegetation makes it hard to spot them.
20/08/04 19:29 Spider Hunt at Central Nature Reserve #4: There are huge tree ferns and all kinds of interesting plants. The air is cool, the song of frogs and insects ringing in the air. It's still drizzling but all toys are out of their camera bags and are busily being used.
20/08/04 19:31 Spider Hunt at Central Nature Reserve #5:
In the last light of this wet evening, the lacy roof of the forest. Later in the evening we reached the freshwater stream and encounter interesting frogs and the amazing water scorpion!
20/08/04 19:34 Spider Hunt at Central Nature Reserve #6 (last): And here, the vague shadows of a huge rattan. We later encounter a lovely green whip snake, fast asleep in a bush!! A truly wonderful sight. And all kinds of other little insects, and of course, some spiders. We end early as the spiders are not exactly partying, and we are getting really soggy from the drizzle. Photos of the trip will be up soon!

More about Joseph Koh and his guidebook of our Singapore spiders. His field trips are his ongoing efforts to add to our understanding of our spiders which will be included in an update of this guidebook.

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