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  our wild singapore: Central Nature Reserve
mms upload for 18 Aug 04 (Wed)

18/08/04 18:55 Spider Hunt at Central Nature Reserve #1: This evening we are going to help Joseph Koh look for spiders. Joseph is undertaking a project to further study the spiders of Singapore. Here is Dr Chua Ee Kiam (left) and Joseph Koh (right) fixing up their toys to take pictures of our spiders...
18/08/04 19:08 Spider Hunt at Central Nature Reserve #2: Our forests are particularly lovely at sunset. As the light dims, the orchestra of crickets and little frogs start up, stars emerge and the air cools...
18/08/04 19:16 Spider Hunt at Central Nature Reserve #3: We set off as the light goes out. Camera phone, as usual, won't be much use in a while :-)
18/08/04 19:22 Spider Hunt at Central Nature Reserve #4:
Dr Chua spots the first spider, sitting in her lovely web. We stop to take a picture of it.
18/08/04 20:43 Spider Hunt at Central Nature Reserve #5:
An hour later and we're still at it. We spotted and documented many spiders as well as other beauties of the night. My photos will be uploaded tomorrow. Today has been a very very long long day and I REALLY need to get some sleep :-)
Posted by bluebabe Posted on 18/08/04 21:40 This has really been a dawn to dusk day for you. Any friendly traffic wardens at your second site?

Posted by voyager Posted on 19/08/04 00:40 Heh.... No traffic wardens at Site 2. But then... We used an alternate transport to get there. So. Even if we were to get into trouble, it won't be Ria in trouble! :P

Posted by Ria Posted on 19/08/04 01:03
No wheel clamps and other scary things at this site :-)
18/08/04 21:59 Spider Hunt at Central Nature Reserve #6 (last): Finally, we reach the end of the trail and head for home. Just then, Dr Chua spots a wonderful scorpion. I love these dangerously beautiful creatures. But like all natural creatures, if left alone and admired respectfully they are perfectly harmless.

More about Joseph Koh and his guidebook of our Singapore spiders. His field trips are his ongoing efforts to add to our understanding of our spiders which will be included in an update of this guidebook.

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