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  our wild singapore: Sentosa shore
mms upload for 17 and 18 Aug 04 (Tue-Wed)

17/08/04 05:56 Sentosa Field Trip #1:
After a short nap we're back out in the wilderness! This time to Sentosa as the tides are not really low enough for any of the other shores in Singapore.
17/08/04 06:44 Sentosa Field Trip #2:
Sun is about to rise but camera phone can't really get all the delicate colours of this time of the day. The kingfishers are calling in the coastal forest and other birds are waking up. Sigh. Time to pack up again.
17/08/04 07:30 Sentosa Field Trip #3:
From the deck chairs high up on the beach, you can actually see the submerging shore. But by the time anyone wakes up and wanders here, all they will see is the water and not realise the wonders that lie just below them. Photos of what I saw will be up later...
17/08/04 08:29 Sentosa Field Trip #4 (last):
Home again, all washed up, time to catch a few winks (too few) before I have to go back to work...tonight and tomorrow another series of "siong" field trips...but promises to be really fun!!
18/08/04 05:37 Sentosa Field Trip #1:
We're BACK at Sentosa (only two back-to-back low tides this time, and it's suitably low only for Sentosa). The lights of the mainland shine over the calm seas.
18/08/04 05:48 Sentosa Field Trip #2:
Today, some researchers from NUS have joined us to check out the shore.
Posted by voyager Posted on 19/08/04 00:49
And they got some very interesting tools with very interesting names, which they use in very interesting ways

Posted by kllow14 Posted on 19/08/04 12:30
Cool looking tools (better say something good or not they use the equipments to knock head see stars) :D

Posted by Ria Posted on 19/08/04 17:06
You boys just want their toys :-) Too bad, you just have to be nice to the girls so they will lend you their cool tools.
18/08/04 10:27 Sentosa Field Trip #3:
Sunrise and finally camera phone can take some pictures. I uploaded thjese on-site but the pictures didn't turn up on the moblog, so I am reloading after I got home (sigh). Sentosa's shores has some spectacular and largish hard corals.
18/08/04 10:27 Sentosa Field Trip #4:
A closer look at this greenish almost luminous hard coral.
18/08/04 10:28 Sentosa Field Trip #5:
The shore also has large soft corals that remind me variously of fried eggs or pancakes. Or perhaps it's just because it's breakfast time ;-)
18/08/04 10:31 Sentosa Field Trip #6:
Here's a closer look at this leathery soft coral, so named because of its leathery texture. When submerged, the little flower-like polyps emerge from the leathery skin and entire animal looks "furry".
Posted by Huziah Posted on 18/08/04 18:40
How early is early? Do we have to stay overnight at Sentosa to catch the glorious creatures at the crack of dawn? Are there loads of mozzies to fight with?

Posted by bluebabe Posted on 18/08/04 21:08
Hm, just got reminded, no mosquitoes today! It wasn't so bad this morning, 'just' 5.30am. I really admire Ria's tenacity when the timings range from 2-4am, and then a full work day after that...Am ready to snooze now...

Posted by voyager Posted on 19/08/04 00:47
Hardly any mozzies there. We do get blood sucking ... Copepods... Darn.... I'm gonna get fined....

Posted by Ria Posted on 19/08/04 01:00
Thanks for convincing Huziah that it's not THAT bad :-) Yes it's a tad early, but worth the trip. And after Sep, the low tide switches to evenings so it's a little more civilised :-) There aren't any mosquitoes on the shore itself. Mossies are more common in urban areas, where fogging and spraying actually kills the natural predators of mossies, while the mossies grow resistant. It's quite strange that way. And yes voyager, Big Fine for using Big Words :-) Copepods (tiny crab relatives) are not common. I think that one just liked how you tasted cos the rest of us didn't get bit.
18/08/04 10:32 Sentosa Field Trip #8 (last):
We chill out a while before hurrying off the shore to get to the car before it gets wheel-clamped when the ranger makes his rounds at 8am. Another wonderful day out on our wonderful shores...promise will upload photos later in the day. Tonight...another special field trip. Very "siong" but nature's miracles don't wait for an audience to happen. And you don't need tickets to see them, you just have to be there. Now have to get some sleep before going to work in the afternoon (not enough leave leh).
Posted by matteblue Posted on 18/08/04 11:35 Oh oh Ria, did you capture the octopus? It was kind of glowing green (hope im not colour blind or imagining things)! seems rather angry when "persuaded" to emerge from crevice. Easily climbed out of the net it was placed in, of course it scurried off. Go Octo!

Posted by HostSara Posted on 18/08/04 14:18 glowing octopus's, luminous green things, and wheel clamps... all in a days work for u eh, ria?

Posted by Ria Posted on 18/08/04 14:22 Yes, isn't it just marvellous!! I wish everyone could come and see this for themselves. This wondrous amazement is what drives many of us to be volunteer guides. Simply to share the simple pleasures that many have forgotten and missed out in their daily rush of urban life. And Singapore still has lots of places to have these marvellous experiences. (unfortunately, also true for wheel-clamps :-)

Posted by bluebabe Posted on 18/08/04 21:05
Also a nice fat Jorunna funebris! Aka polka dotted sea slug? Divers hyperventilate when they see such things underwater! It's great to know you can find these gems in good ole Sentosa..

Posted by voyager Posted on 19/08/04 00:4Heh.... Now we know what we can all see when we open our eyes and SEE while we LOOK. And we don't have to go to such exotic locations to see such wondrous creatures! Anyway, it's good to have new eyes to see a location that we have been to a dozen times before... The wonder that we see in the new eyes brings back the wonder in our own jaded and glazed over eyes.

Posted by Ria Posted on 19/08/04 01:01
It was a wondrous day? But isn't it wondrous EVERY day? I guess voyager said it best. It's there if we but see. Next step, to appreciate and treasure, then to share, especially with the children. For this belongs to them and theirs.

Gallery of photos I took today at Sentosa

More about Sentosa: more photos and info.

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