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  our wild singapore: Jurong Park
mms upload for 13 Aug 04 (Fri)

12/08/04 08:01 Good Morning! Cheery and festive, the Pagoda plant has spectacular blooms that attract lots of butterflies. As I found out, they don't do well at all as cut flowers. They are best enjoyed uncut and left alone in the wild. Like all our other natural splendors :-)
13/08/04 13:28 Jurong Park #1:
There are only two parks (from the street maps) in Jurong, and this was one of them. I thought I should have a look. Tucked between large attractions like the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, I guess I should not have been surprised by the sad sight that welcomed me.
13/08/04 13:31 Jurong Park #2:
The park was seemingly randomly planted with an equally random assortment of trees. Many of which appeared to be struggling. The only ones flourishing were several large banyan trees (fig trees) that were probably there before the park was established.
13/08/04 13:33 Jurong Park #3:
A little bit of walk down the path and finally rewarded with a calm view of Jurong Lake. I also startled a pair of White-breasted waterhens foraging in the undergrowth.
13/08/04 13:33 Jurong Park #4:
There are piers jutting out into the Lake from the park. They were well used by a few anglers who seemed very enthusiastic in setting up their rods.
13/08/04 13:35 Jurong Park #5:
The sign didn't forbid fishing, only the use of live bait.
13/08/04 13:36 Jurong Park #6:
Here's the rest of the group, obviously settling down for a good afternoon of fishing under the shady trees.
13/08/04 13:37 Jurong Park #7:
There is a walkway along the lake edges, marked as "Lake Promenade" on the street map.
13/08/04 13:42 Jurong Park #8:
On the way back, I noticed a simple little shrine set up at the entrance.
13/08/04 13:43 Jurong Park #9:
And a strange circle of moss-covered rocks...hmmm?
13/08/04 13:45 Jurong Park #10:
Even the sign on the wall stating "Jurong Park" was overgrown with plants. No wonder I almost missed the turning. At the grass verge, a delightful Cattle Egret. Most of these birds nest at Jurong Birdpark but spread out all over the island during the day to find food. This was obviously a slacker, not far from home.

Jurong Park is on Yuan Ching Road off Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim location map
Jurong Park does not appear on the NParks website and is probably managed by some other entity.

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