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mms upload for 11 Aug 04 (Wed)

11/08/04 08:02 Good Morning! chorus the pretty little roses. Cheesy you may say :-) but the perfume and sight of these beauties are a delight for the soul.
11/08/04 13:25 Guess Where? #1:
Have a tiny bit of time in between meetings to zip through this special stretch of wilderness not 10 mins from Orchard Road. Here's your first clue...the railway line which winds through lots of vegetation.
Posted by leykun Posted on 11/08/04 17:54
Hmmmm.... Bt Gombak?
1/08/04 13:28 Guess Where? #2:
And not far down the road, it's hiking country. Yes, Kok Leong, I slowed down. In fact, I stopped and got out of the car to take the sign and almost got run down by other cars zooming by (for a change).
Posted by kllow14 Posted on 11/08/04 14:50
Must obey the road signs yeah you speedster.
11/08/04 13:28 Guess Where? #3:
There's a lovely mountain biking trail here. Rugged terrain through some of the last wild parts of Singapore.
11/08/04 13:29 Guess Where? #4:
Here's a part of the mountain biking trail, winding through forest under tall trees.
11/08/04 13:32 Guess Where? #5:
Further down the road, we intersect an interesting walking trail through the forest.
11/08/04 13:33 Guess Where? #6:
There are clear signages of the trail going over a stream.
11/08/04 13:34 Guess Where? #7:
Near the trail is one of the most rustic carparks I've seen. All covered in leaves...lovely. But it would no doubt drive Kok Leong berserk and make him just want to whip out the leaf blower...again.
11/08/04 13:35 Guess Where? #8:
The road winds under tall trees. You can hear the birds singing even in your car.
11/08/04 13:38 Guess Where? #9:
And who should I bump into but Joseph Lai! What a lovely surprise. He is doing a recce for a walk he intends to conduct for families.
11/08/04 13:39 Guess Where? #10:
We stopped a while to check out this point as a possible entrance to the pipeline area which makes for a really nice walk. Unfortunately, this wasn't found suitable for families with kids.
11/08/04 13:59 Guess Where? #11:
At the end of the road, another series of trails into the Central Nature Reserve with signages. There was a little military thing going on at this area, so I scooted off quickly before too many questions got asked.
11/08/04 14:02 Guess Where? #12:
Back down the road, a lovely view of the Hill, misty and tall in the distance.
11/08/04 14:04 Guess Where? #13:
There's a little stretch over a major highway...hard to take a proper photo without getting out of the car, which is not a good idea to do on this narrow road.
11/08/04 14:08 Guess Where? #14 (last):
Here's your last clue as I zoom off...shrieking as the White Rabbit did "I'm late!, I'm late!"

If you haven't guessed it by now, this lovely stretch of road is Rifle Range Road. Location map. This lovely winding road leads off to the mountain biking trail, Kampong Trail and another trail at the end of the road that lead in and around the Central Nature Reserve.

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