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  our wild singapore: Kallang Riverside Park
mms upload for 10 Aug 04 (Tue)

10/08/04 07:32 Good Morning! Still feel the glow of National Day and the wonderful celebrations yesterday...
10/08/04 13:35 Kallang Riverside Park #1:
Only a few days away from water and I'm already missing it. So I thought I'd sneak a quick visit to this intriguingly named park...
10/08/04 13:37 Kallang Riverside Park #2:
The first thing that struck me was the simply gianormous fig tree at the entrance. Camera phone can't really show it clearly but for scale, I've tried to include the two people resting under its shade (in the lower left corner). THAT'S how huge this tree is.
10/08/04 13:39 Kallang Riverside Park #3:
The riverside scene is the very next thing to take your breath away. Palm trees swaying gently in the breeze against white white sands...transports you immediately away.
10/08/04 13:41 Kallang Riverside Park #4:
Away in the distance, are the huge lights of the National Stadium. This would have been the perfect place to have a romantic view of the wondrous fireworks display last night! Reflecting on the waters of the Kallang River.
10/08/04 13:42 Kallang Riverside Park #5:
And probably, LOTS of folks thought the same way, judging from the overflowing bins all over the park. So it appears this fabulous park is not such a big secret after all :-)
10/08/04 13:45 Kallang Riverside Park #6:
Indeed, there were lots of people enjoying the park, even on a week day. Lazing under the palm trees.
10/08/04 13:46 Kallang Riverside Park #7:
There were also two children's playgrounds.
10/08/04 13:47 Kallang Riverside Park #8:
And a short promenade by the river, planted with stately palms which were fruiting like crazy.
10/08/04 13:48 Kallang Riverside Park #9:
As well as shady shelters to chill out under while enjoying the breeze and the view.
10/08/04 13:51 Kallang Riverside Park #10:
There were intriguing blue pillars right smack in the middle of the park. I take a closer look at the explanatory panels and THESE are the pillars of the Kallang Gasworks. The Gasworks were first established in 1821 and supplied gas to Singapore first for street lighting then for industrial and home use until the gasworks were relocated to Senoko in 1997. The pillars were left behind to remind us of its role in Singapore's industrialisation.
10/08/04 13:53 Kallang Riverside Park #11:
There are also other panels explaining Kallang's history. Many years ago, the river was so polluted and smelly that nothing lived in or near it. In 1977, efforts were made to clean it up and 10 years later, the river is full or marine life again and people can stroll about its banks, or fish. Canoeing and other water sports are also popular in the river now.
10/08/04 13:55 Kallang Riverside Park #12:
As I leave the carpark, I pay closer attention to the huge number of birds that have gathered at the fruiting fig tree. There are black-naped orioles, doves and all kinds of other fruit eating birds! All noisily enjoying their lunch.
10/08/04 13:57 Kallang Riverside Park #13 (last):
On the way out, there is a large plot of vacant land, forming a vast sea of green lallang "foaming" in waves of lallang blooms. Large trees strood in this ocean of green.

Posted by voyager Posted on 11/08/04 23:47
Lalang? On Mainland? INCREDIBLE!

Posted by Ria Posted on 12/08/04 09:00 I know. And VAST stretches of it too. They should just grow lallang on our road side verges. It makes a nice uniform patch and looks elegant. It also makes it difficult for people to jaywalk :-)

Posted by kllow14 Posted on 12/08/04 13:55
Lallang is sharp and cuts. Beware

Posted by Ria Posted on 12/08/04 16:10
That's why I think it's good to plant them on the road sides for keeping people ON the path and OFF the road where they might get run down by reckless drivers :-)

Kallang Riverside Park is on Kampong Bugis off Kallang Road location map
More about Kallang Riverside Park on the NParks website

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