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  our wild singapore: Central Nature Reserve
mms upload for 9 Aug 04 (Mon)

09/08/04 08:43 Central Catchment Reserve #1:
We're off with Joseph The SpiderMan on a spider hunt in the Central Reserve...
09/08/04 08:46 Central Catchment Reserve #2:
We enter through a patch of grassland and head into the forest beyond...
09/08/04 08:51 Central Catchment Reserve #3:
With frequent stops to search for spiders.
09/08/04 08:55 Central Catchment Reserve #4:
We soon enter the forest with its tall trees
09/08/04 09:49 Central Catchment Reserve #5:
And interesting plants...many of which we don't even know the names of.
09/08/04 09:53 Central Catchment Reserve #6:
We stop regularly to find spiders and take pictures of them.
09/08/04 10:34 Central Catchment Reserve #7: The tiny and nervious spiders are often difficult to take pictures of. Requiring contortions and getting down and dirty.
09/08/04 11:13 Central Catchment Reserve #8:
There are also other fascinating sights. Not all the leaves in a forest are green :-)
09/08/04 11:14 Central Catchment Reserve #9:
Fruiting branch of a native Ixora bush.
09/08/04 11:15 Central Catchment Reserve #10:
Even the poky thorns on a rattan make a pretty pattern...ouch.
09/08/04 11:16 Central Catchment Reserve #11:
Another stop to look for spiders among the thick leaf litter...Joseph says many of the spiders we got today are special, some might even be new to science! Wow! Our forests are indeed rich and need more study.
09/08/04 11:42 Central Catchment Reserve #12:
This beautiful inflorescence in our national colours was drooping at the ends of several branches of a bush. Wonderful, though we haven't got a clue as to what it might be.
Posted by yman Posted on 09/08/04 11:58
It's National Day today! The fireworks were off last night and tonight as well. This pretty flower (not sure what it is though) resembles fireworks of sort. It time to wish all fans of Wild Lives Singapore and everyone else a Happy National Day. Hope there will be more people getting into making wild lives Singapore a part of their lives. Ria and company has gone into great lengths to show us all Singaporeans that our natural heritage is indeed rich, lively, and striving. Let's all continue to preserve this rich natural heritage for many more generations of Singaporeans. (:> Yman)

Posted by Ria Posted on 09/08/04 16:05 Thanks yman, for your constant support and wonderful insights and information. The blog would have been poorer without your regular contributions :-) Indeed, let's celebrate our nation, wild and tame, not just today, but every day :-)
09/08/04 11:45 Central Catchment Reserve #13:
It's getting a bit late, we are running out of collection vials, and getting hungry too. We leave the forest and its tall tall trees.
09/08/04 12:30 Central Catchment Reserve #14:
Past a former banana plantation.
09/08/04 12:36 Central Catchment Reserve #15:
Young secondary forest trees grow in a sea of green ferns under the sun-dappled shade.
09/08/04 12:46 Central Catchment Reserve #16 (last):
Leaving the shady Albizia grove, we call it a morning and reluctantly leave. Pictures of the tiny residents of this beautiful patch of forest will be uploaded later tonight.

More about Joseph Koh and his guidebook of our Singapore spiders. His field trips are his ongoing efforts to add to our understanding of our spiders which will be included in an update of this guidebook.

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