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  our wild singapore: Lower Peirce Boardwalk
mms upload for 7 Aug 04 (Sat)

07/08/04 09:12 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #1:
Today I am guiding at this wonderful boardwalk. Here are the friendly NParks staff who are there bright and early to greet the participants.
07/08/04 09:16 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #2:
Johnny, a veteran volunteer guide is looking at some bat photos that Derek, NParks staff, has taken at a recent survey.
07/08/04 09:17 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #3:
Tzi Ming is one of the NParks officer looking after the volunteers at the Central Reserve, starting off the very first tour of the morning. All in all, we had 40 people going off in small batches.
07/08/04 09:20 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #4:
Helen, another experienced volunteer, starts off the first group.
07/08/04 09:23 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #5:
Johnny starts off the second group by explaining how rubber seed capsules can explode like grenades. This impresses the young ones.
07/08/04 09:24 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #6:
Then it's my turn with my small group of new friends, to wander off deep into the forest...
07/08/04 10:10 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #7:
We have fascinating discussions and explorations of issues as well as flora and fauna. Here we are at the first open-air stop facing the reservoir.
07/08/04 10:26 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #8:
After a look at bamboo and finding out what "oncospermum" is (sounds naughty doesn't it :-), we head out on the boardwalk on the water itself...
07/08/04 10:27 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #9:
An eagle-eyed visitor spots the green crested lizard, which was close enough even for camera phone to take a picture of.
07/08/04 10:28 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #10:
The water and Big Leaves never fail to fascinate small children :-)
Posted by yman Posted on 07/08/04 21:30
Wow! Such childhood innocence. Paddling a big leave over calm waters, immersed in nature, oblivious to the the problems that besot the world. If only life is this peaceful, we would never have wars to fight. Wish we all could be like this child forever. (:> Yman).

Posted by Ria Posted on 07/08/04 21:59
They say you are never too old to be a child :-) That's the beauty of nature I guess. In the wild, we CAN be the wild child: innocent and in awe.
07/08/04 10:33 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #11:
There is a lovely view of the forest from the water-side boardwalk. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you might spot the pair of White-bellied fish eagles that nest in the area.
07/08/04 10:37 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #12:
The boardwalk leads to the Peirce Reservoir Park with shady trees and manicured lawns to the waterside, perfect for a leisurely picnic.
07/08/04 10:43 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #13:
Fishing is allowed in a portion of this park. We have a look at the catch of a little boy and his father. Ooo...little fishies...
07/08/04 10:44 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #14:
What a lovely sight of dad and son spending time doing what dads and sons have been doing for generations.
07/08/04 10:49 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #15:
At the end of our guided tour, we walk back the same route as all our cars and transport points are where we began. It's a great chance to have a closer look at what we might have missed.
07/08/04 10:57 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #16:
Long-tailed macaques (or simply monkeys lah :-) were happily playing among the trees. Feeding of monkeys causes problems as monkeys stop feeding in the forest and thus stop dispersing seeds which is important for forest regeneration. Feeding also make the monkeys dependent on people. Eventually the monkeys become such a nuisance that they have to be put down. Feeding kills. Please don't feed the monkeys.
07/08/04 11:01 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #17:
Figs are fascinating flowers (not fruits) and play a vital role in the forest by providing a constant supply of food year-round. All this talk of figs, food, and earlier on, a lengthy discussion of the four-star-best-in-Singapore wantan noodles nearby makes us hungry.
Posted by yman Posted on 07/08/04 21:20
Figs are like true figments of one's imagination. One would have imagined that these are fruits, but they are actually flowers. One would have imagined flowers to bloom from inside outwards, but figs have flowers that bloom within. So one would not be able to see the flowers, but imagine them to be so, within. Are these my only figments of imagination? Or can you figure out figments of figs fruiting in finese? (:> Yman).
07/08/04 11:30 Lower Peirce Boardwalk Tour #18 (last):
So we head down to the stall highly recommended by the Person Who Knows These Things (at right). We gobbled down our noodles and pronounced that indeed it was the best...burp...

The Lower Peirce Boardwalk is along Old Upper Thomson Road. There is an entrance near Casuarina Road (where the famous prata shop is), another near Jacaranda Road, and also from the end of Peirce Reservoir Park.
More about Lower Peirce Boardwalk including location map and more details about the free guided walks by volunteers.

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