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  our wild singapore: Mount Faber Park
mms upload for 6 Aug 04 (Fri)

06/08/04 06:56
Good Morning!! After days of waking up at 2am, it's hard to sleep in. So I'm off, cheerfully to work, after a good 12-hour shut down last night :-)
06/08/04 12:28 Mount Faber Park #1:
I thought I should check this out...promises good views.
06/08/04 12:29 Mount Faber Park #2:
First stop didn't have a fabulous view, but it should be much lovelier at night.
06/08/04 12:31 Mount Faber Park #3:
Today will be pretty much a driving tour as I have hardly any time in between lots of errands and catching up at work after being away for days for the low tide trips :-)
06/08/04 12:35 Mount Faber Park #4:
Of course the main thing at the top of the hill is the cable car station. But being terrified of heights, this sort of thing doesn't quite appeal to me :-)
06/08/04 12:37 Mount Faber Park #5:
I chance upon this little entreprise: dressing up tourists in our local costumes. I think it's very charming.
06/08/04 12:42 Mount Faber Park #6:
...and so do the tourists it appears. Everyone looks so lady-like and sexy in a sari.
06/08/04 12:44 Mount Faber Park #7:
The manicured hillsides lead up to very thick secondary forest. The NParks website says these secondary forest has been left untouched to stabilise the hillslopes, a wonderful idea.
06/08/04 12:45 Mount Faber Park #8:
There ARE lots of lovely lookout points...but very few parking places...so have to hop out of car, snap this and jump back in before I get run down by the next giant tour bus that roars up and down the steep roads.
06/08/04 12:50 Mount Faber Park #9:
Another thing that struck me was the large number of big trees in the park. Alas, no time to take a closer look..
06/08/04 12:56 Mount Faber Park #10:
There were lots of little paths leading into the thick secondary forest that cloaked the sides of the hills. Looked very intriguing...
06/08/04 12:58 Mount Faber Park #11:
Lots of ferns and all kinds of other plants. I could hear birds too.
06/08/04 13:00 Mount Faber Park #12:
Another mysterious path that begs exploration...
06/08/04 13:01 Mount Faber Park #13 (last):
As I leave, I admire too the lovely houses that are secretively tucked away in corners amongst the greenery...certainly worth finding out more about the history and surrounds of this marvelous park. Alas, time has run out and I've got to go back to work...

Mount Faber Park is at the junction of Kampong Bahru Road
and Telok Blangah Road, location map.
More about Mount Faber Park on the NParks website.

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