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  our wild singapore: Sekudu
mms upload for 4 Aug (Wed)

04/08/04 06:37 Sekudu Field Trip #1:
And we're off to Sekudu just as the sun is about to rise.
04/08/04 06:39 Sekudu Field Trip #2:
Tom is taking footage of the island in the first light of the day..
04/08/04 06:49 Sekudu Field Trip #3:
Setting up the field camp on the island. There is this lovely table-size and table-height rock that we find so very useful.
04/08/04 07:37 Sekudu Field Trip #4:
Sunrise finally. In the distance is the Chek Jawa beacon. Pulau Sekudu is just off Pulau Ubin near Chek Jawa.
04/08/04 08:34 Sekudu Field Trip #5:
The habitats on Sekudu are similar to those found on Chek Jawa. Carpet anemones are very common and some are quite large.
04/08/04 08:56 Sekudu Field Trip #6:
The sun is well risen by now. This is the sandy shore of Sekudu with Ubin in the far background and the the very tall Pulai Tree on Ubin sticking out of the canopy.
04/08/04 08:58 Sekudu Field Trip #7:
Sekudu means Frog Island. And there is a huge rock on the island that resembles a frog, particularly with the help of eyes and mouth which were drawn in by some people.
04/08/04 09:01 Sekudu Field Trip #8:
Sponges are common on Sekudu. In bright candy colours of blue, pink, green, yellow and more.
04/08/04 09:03 Sekudu Field Trip #9:
These large Fan shells or Pinna shells are common in the sandy bottom of Sekudu. People often come at low tide to harvest these shells and other bivalves.
04/08/04 09:05 Sekudu Field Trip #10:
There are a few mangrove trees in the middle of the little island, growing among the large boulders.
04/08/04 09:15 Sekudu Field Trip #11:
The island has lots of scenic boulders and rocks, well rounded through the ages and home for a wide variety of animals.
Posted by yman Posted on 07/08/04 21:45
Is this Singapore? Looks like a segment the Stonehedge at Salisbury Plain, England. Tiny Singapore certainly is not lacking in natural and historical heritage beyond those in the museums and Fort Caning areas.

If we look hard enough and search further into the remaining wild areas , who knows what else we might find. Perhaps, more living artefacts that will certainly the heighten efforts of nature heritage conservation groups like Wild Singapore. (:> Yman).
04/08/04 09:24 Sekudu Field Trip #12:
As the tide rises, it's time to leave Sekudu or be stranded on it :-)
04/08/04 09:38 Sekudu Field Trip #13:
At Changi Jetty, there is an operation to try to raise a bumboat that sank...
04/08/04 09:58 Sekudu Field Trip #14 (last):
As we leave, they are still struggling to raise the bumboat.

Gallery of photos that I took today at Sekudu

More about Sekudu's shores: more photos and info


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