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mms upload for 3 Aug (Tue)

03/08/04 06:51 Tuas field trip #:
Finally a trip that BEGINS at sunrise :-) Here we are at Raffles Marina waiting to go out to Merawang Beacon.
03/08/04 06:53 Tuas field trip #2:
Homie the Sea Dog just arrived with Chris who will be taking us out in the best dinghy we've ever been on.
03/08/04 06:54 Tuas field trip #3:
Mama cam taking the sunrise over the Second Link...
03/08/04 07:00 Tuas field trip #4:
Sunrise over the Second Causeway.
03/08/04 07:09 Tuas field trip #5:
And we're off...
03/08/04 07:10 Tuas field trip #6:
Leaving Raffles Marina behind...
03/08/04 07:19 Tuas field trip #8:
Arriving at Merawang Beacon, which is just a wee tiny bit of rock in the middle of the ocean...
03/08/04 07:20 Tuas field trip #9:
Yes Kok Leong, it's Merawang and you MISSED it again...so sad...haha! And the weather is WONDERFUL...and you are NOT there....aha!!
Posted by kllow14 Posted on 03/08/04 10:23
MERAWANG!!! Oh, i miss all the trips.
03/08/04 08:45 Tuas field trip #10:
The area has wonderful marine life. Our favourite are the gigantic sea fans...
03/08/04 08:46 Tuas field trip #12:
Here's a closer look at a lovely pink one...
03/08/04 08:50 Tuas field trip #13:
There are also lots of large hard corals...
03/08/04 08:51 Tuas field trip #14:
An orange sea fan. I got distracted taking Real Photos of the wondrous sights of this place. Sorry. You'll have to see the photos after I upload them tonight...
03/08/04 09:51 Tuas field trip #15:
And we're back on the mainland after a quickie pack up as the tide threatened to drown us on the little rocky outcrop. Here is Goldie in her underwater housing getting washed up.
03/08/04 09:52 Tuas field trip #16 (last):
As we left, we saw a bunch of people looking very official conducting an oil spill exercise on the beach.
Posted by yman Posted on 03/08/04 18:09
I love Tuas shores - before the big MNCs set up shops there. There was a little jetty with a ramp where flat-bottomed boats could beach. It was used by the oil companies to fetch workers, and also for bunkers to berth there. Almost everyday, there were the usual crowd of people lining the ramp fishing for anchovies and selar. The fishes were really abundant. These folks were using lines and multiple tiny hooks, and everytime they threw in a line, it never came back empty. So a few hours catch could fill a few bins of anchovies and selars. However, now the ramp has been closed to public. Even the road leading to the ramp is now closed. I am sure there is abundant marine life here. In fact, some years ago, a whale was supported off Tuas! Viva Tuas!
03/08/04 11:45
Continuing story of the Stonefish Incident... Robin is just now checking out of the hospital. The pain is less but his foot is still swollen (twice its normal size) so he is having difficulties walking. Meanwhile, we have learnt that the Australian Aborigines actually build up an immunity to Stonefish stings after repeated stings. Thus we have decided that Robin will henceforth walk ahead of the crew to clear the area of stonefishes :-)

Gallery of photos that I took today at Tuas

More about Tuas' shores: more photos and info


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