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  our wild singapore: Pulau Hantu
mms upload for 2 Aug (Mon)

02/08/04 04:12 Pulau Hantu field trip #1:
It's a cold and rainy morning, but we are still going ahead with the early morning trip. Ever the optimists. Like Dr Chua Ee Kiam says, "you won't get nice pictures unless you go out and shoot"...anyway, it MIGHT not be raining at Hantu and it MIGHT stop raining later on...
02/08/04 04:40 Pulau Hantu field trip #2:
We pass by Bukom island, all the installations lit up like pretty Christmas trees...sparkling in the drizzle.
02/08/04 05:02 Pulau Hantu field trip #4:
Sadly, it is STILL raining when we arrive. And the winds are very very strong. We put up some ponchos to cut out the gale...
02/08/04 05:03 Pulau Hantu field trip #5:
We wait a while hoping that the rain would ease up, and gaze at the pretty lights across the lagoon. But as the tide starts to go out, we go out to shoot regardless of the weather. My Miss Kodak stays in her waterproof bag, as only Miss Nikon can take this miserable drizzle without complaint...
02/08/04 07:34 Pulau Hantu field trip #6:
Sunrise, the tide is coming in but the rain has not let up. The soft corals on Hantu grow into humungous patches that remind me of omelettes...or is it just the lack of breakfast
02/08/04 08:03 Pulau Hantu field trip #7:
The little anemonefishes are stranded in the low water near their anemones. There are two in this photo, but not very clear in camera phone. Will upload the photos of them later (after I catch up on some sleep, can?).
02/08/04 08:23 Pulau Hantu field trip #8:
There are few large mangrove trees (Sonneratia) in the middle of the lagoon between Big and Little Hantu (Pulau Hantu is made of two islands). One of the trees was blooming. This is a developing fruit, one of the more colourful of the mangrove trees.
02/08/04 08:25 Pulau Hantu field trip #9:
The breathing roots of the mangrove trees extend outwards, making walking near them rather challenging.

At this point, got a call from Robin that he's OK from yesterday's stonefish sting. We are all very relieved. The pain is less and he will be discharged from hospital soon. All day today, we were all walking about VERY carefully, looking at every stone :-)
02/08/04 08:31 Pulau Hantu field trip #10:
Unlike in the mainland coastal parks, apparently falling coconuts are not a big hazard on Pulau Hantu. Instead, it appears to be disappearing coconuts :-)
02/08/04 08:49 Pulau Hantu field trip #11:
But there is a HUGE pile of coconuts in the middle of the island...I'm not really sure what is going on.
02/08/04 08:49 Pulau Hantu field trip #12:
It's time to pack up as the tide has come in, and we are REALLY soggy from roaming out in the rain all morning...
02/08/04 09:00 Pulau Hantu field trip #13:
And it's STILL raining as we leave the jetty from Hantu Besar (Big Hantu).
02/08/04 09:04 Pulau Hantu field trip #14:
The jetty off Hantu Kechil (Little Hantu).
02/08/04 09:05 Pulau Hantu field trip #15 (last):
This is the patch of Hantu shore that we were working on. All covered in water as we leave...sigh.

Gallery of photos that I took today at Hantu

More about Hantu's shores: more photos and info


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