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  our wild singapore: Pearl's Hill City Park
mms upload for 27 Jul 04 (Tue)

27/07/04 07:35
"GOOD morning!" shouts the sunny Sunflower growing in its very own little pot outside my neighbour's home. What joy even the smallest bit of nature can give :-)
27/07/04 13:16 Pearl's Hill Park #1:
Today I thought of squeezing a visit to this hillside park that sounds intriguing. It certainly was very hilly, with lots of snaking staircases up and down the sides.
27/07/04 13:18 Pearl's Hill Park #2:
The sign which warns of steep slopes (duh! it was obviously very steep), was gaily decorated with National Day flags.
27/07/04 13:19 Pearl's Hill Park #3:
At the top of the hill, there was a little exercise area...
27/07/04 13:22 Pearl's Hill Park #4:
And a very manicured garden with concrete pond and "stream" under tall trees. Very the 1970's style of garden :-)
27/07/04 13:24 Pearl's Hill Park #5:
The Park surrounds a hilltop reservoir which looked more interesting than the Park itself. But it was well ringed with fencing, polite warning signs and a very well manned police post.
27/07/04 13:25 Pearl's Hill Park #6:
The reservoir looks quite old with interesting granite block structures.
27/07/04 13:26 Pearl's Hill Park #7:
The Park is right behind a block of flats, which must have been a welcome respite for the residents. But the flats are now all empty...
27/07/04 13:28 Pearl's Hill Park #8:
Another view of the central area of this tiny park. Unlike the other hill parks, there wasn't a great view from this one. There wasn't anything wildly exciting about it, but it IS still a little haven of green in the centre of the city.
yman Posted on 27/07/04 21:49 Is the Pearl's Hill Park the same as the Pearl's Hill City Park? A few months back I went to looking for a huge Bodhi tree that was designated as one of Singapore Heritage tree in Pearl's Hill City Park. The "last-then-enlightened and blur-like-sotong" me was unable to locate the tree even when it is supposed to be H-U-G-E! Perhaps someone can take a phone cam photo of it and post it here.

The Bodhi tree has a very interesting story as a Buddhist symbol of enlightenment. Legend has it that King Ashoka the Great who was once very hostile to Buddhism, had ordered the cutting down and burning of the Bodhi tree in his palace. Not only did the tree not perish, it sprang back anew from the flames. King Ashoka was very touched by its resilience and decided to lavish his personal attention to the tree. The Queen feeling neglected, secretly ordered it to be cut down. It did not deter Ashoka who set about bringing the tree back to life. He even built a huge wall around it to protect it. Throughout history, many similar stories of the resilience of the Bodhi tree were passed down.

Back in Singapore on Pulau Ubin, a temple built next to a Bodhi tree exists. It was reported that an enlightened Thai monk walked all the way from Thailand to Pulau Ubin. He brought along with him a seed of the Bodhi tree, which he planted in Pulau Ubin. A temple was then built next to it.

So if you are dis-enlightened with life for some reason or another, try walking from one Bodhi tree to another between Pearl’s Hill City Park and Pulau Ubin. If not for anything else, the walk may help to burn some calories and lighten your physical being. (:> Yman)

Ria Posted on 28/07/04 08:54 Yes yman, it's the same place. Wow, you are right. I just did a search on the internet and there is a write up on this tree http://www.nparks.gov.sg/nat_conv/pdfs/her_tre-bohd.pdf Supposed to be huge and next to the entrance gate to the PUB reservoir. I should go back and try to take a picture of it. I oso blur and didn't see anything humungous and I know what Ficus religiosa looks like :-) Your suggestion on a meditational walk is wonderful! In fact, our whole life should be a meditational walk between two trees :-)
27/07/04 13:49 Pearl's Hill Park #9 (last):
The signs in a park usually tells us what the major issues are in the park. In Pearl's Hill it appears to be doggies and their poo. Well, at least it must be well used (or abused?) by dog owners :-)

Pearl's Hill City Park is on Outram Park off Chin Swee Road location map
More about Pearl's Hill City Park on the NParks website
More about our heritage trees on the NParks website

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