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  our wild singapore: Tree Top Walk
mms upload for 25 Jul 04 (Sun)

25/07/04 08:39 Tree Top Walk #1:
Good morning! And what a lovely morning it is to explore a brand new trail in our forests...
25/07/04 09:53 Tree Top Walk #2:
NParks has invited the volunteer guides for a sneak preview of the Tree Top Trail. We begin with a brief presentation of "The Making Of". It is indeed an amazing story of how they managed to build it with minimal impact, and not cutting down any large trees.
25/07/04 09:55 Tree Top Walk #3:
Here is a young participant holding on to a sample of the cable that hold up the free-standing suspension bridge. The 250m long bridge is made of steel, concrete and wood and stands 40m above the ground, built between two hills: Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang. Started in Dec 2002, major works were completed in early 2004. Now it is almost ready to be opened.
25/07/04 10:07 Tree Top Walk #4:
Then we're off to explore the bridge...
25/07/04 10:09 Tree Top Walk #5:
Down some steps to get to the first platform...
25/07/04 10:10 Tree Top Walk #6:
Then off onto the bridge itself. Now comes the time to test my fear of heights :-) That's why most of my nature work is on the shore...where there is almost zero chance of falling down from great heights...haha!
25/07/04 10:11 Tree Top Walk #7:
But the view is too fabulous! I'm lost in a sea of trees.
25/07/04 10:20 Tree Top Walk #8:
You can see all the way into the distance, Lower Peirce Reservoir and Yishun...
25/07/04 10:22 Tree Top Walk #9:
Only occasionally are we reminded of the great height we are on as we look down among the trees...
25/07/04 10:27 Tree Top Walk #10:
You come eye-to-eye with gigantic rattans, which are climbing palms...
yman Posted on 27/07/04 17:50
What a sight indeed ¨C even from the tiny handphone camera. No HDB buildings in sight - only clear (almost) blue skies (certainly blue). Well lucky Singaporeans, you can now enjoy tree-top views without risking broken arms and legs. I also heard that there are tree climbing clubs around in Singapore that use ropes and harnesses to get up a tree. We are so ¡°naturalized¡± nowadays.

Before tree-top trails, ropes, and harnesses, we had to climb trees the Mount Everest way. That was through sheer guts and strength. Along the way to the summit (tree-top), there were many obstacles and dangers. A tree snake may suddenly appear out of nowhere, or a patch of moss way force one¡¯s retreat. The worst scenario being that one has to slide down the length of the tree trunk to avoid doing the stunt man free fall. The slide down could save a broken neck, but would tear the skin raw around the tighs and inner arms. Ouch!! Ouch!! (You can say that again).

Which makes me wonder, what could be the worst scenario of getting hurt in a tree-top trail? How about being attacked by a band of crows looking for live food? Or perhaps, being struck by lighting for ranting obscenities in a tranquil environment? Well not very likely though. I am looking forward to maing a visit to this tree-top trail soon. (:> Yman)

Ria Posted on 28/07/04 09:08
Hope I will be the one guiding you on this fabulous Walk...really would love to meet you one of these days. We will have lots to talk about :-)
25/07/04 10:36 Tree Top Walk #11:
The spectacular view of sky and forest is stunning...
Merey Posted on 26/07/04 12:03
Hi, has the tree top walk near the MacRitchie nature reserve area just been open ? My friends and I went there at the end of June and there were barricades at the entrance that prevents people from getting in. Or is there another entrance ? Pls advise.

Ria Posted on 26/07/04 15:20 Dear Merey, The Tree Top Walk is not yet opened to the public. Yesterday's walk was a preview for volunteer guides. The volunteers are looking forward to doing guided walks on the bridge, which should be open soon, towards the end of the year. Do sign up for the free wildsingapore e-newsletter which will keep you updated on this and other new happenings in our wild places. See http://www.wildsingapore.com for more details.
25/07/04 10:37 Tree Top Walk #12:
The bridge also gives you a REALLY close up view of the canopy, the fruits and flowers of tall trees; and the birds, butterflies and other animals that live high up there.
gobygirl Posted on 25/07/04 23:20 What sort of birds did you encounter?

Ria Posted on 25/07/04 23:46 The flying kind :-) You know me, they are all the same to me...I heard someone getting excited about a fairy bluebird.
25/07/04 11:03 Tree Top Walk #13:
The bridge is very sturdily built and designed and hardly moves even with our group moving about and the wind blowing. Even phobic me feels quite comfortable on it after a while.
25/07/04 11:10 Tree Top Walk #14:
The view from the top gives you a different perspective on life and leaf: shapes and patterns.
25/07/04 11:13 Tree Top Walk #15 (last):
After taking lots and lots of photos on the Big Cam, I say goodbye to the bridge and the forest beneath it :-)

The Tree Top Walk is part of the Central Nature Reserve. It is not yet open to the public. For updates on this and other nature happenings, why not sign up for the free wildsingapore e-newsletter or wildsingapore-weekly e-newsletter. More details on the wildsingapore homepage.

The Tree Top Walk was launched on 5 Nov 04. Here's more about the Walk!

For more about the Central Nature Reserve on the NParks website.

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