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  our wild singapore: Chek Jawa Transect Party
mms upload for 24 Jul 04 (Sat)

24/07/04 21:03 Chek Jawa Transect #1:
This doesn't quite look like the usual place that nature people might hang out at...
gobygirl Posted on 25/07/04 23:16 That's because, it is NOT the usual place nature people hang out at! That would be only first and last time!
24/07/04 21:06 Chek Jawa Transect #2:
...a quick stop to buy a few essentials....
24/07/04 21:19 Chek Jawa Transect #3:
A long walk and many turns later (the urban jungle is sometimes more challenging than the natural one :-)...I finally find them! All hard at work already.
24/07/04 21:24 Chek Jawa Transect #4:
Well not all of them were working hard. Some were already further up the food chain, literally...
gobygirl Posted on 25/07/04 23:17 right, there are the SLACKERS
Chek Jawa Transect #5:
This was the only wildlife we could find within phone camera reach :-) She was a real cutie though.
24/07/04 21:53 Chek Jawa Transect #6:
There was a strange-looking tree near our table which none of the botanists could identify. While they could say what it was NOT, they couldn't say what it was...or perhaps it was just too much BBQ smoke and beer :-)
24/07/04 22:50 Chek Jawa Transect #7:
In case you haven't guessed by now, this is of course the party to celebrate the successful completion of the Chek Jawa Transect. Zeehan (holding cake knife) and Tse-Lynn (obviously oblivious to the situation) make a speech...
gobygirl Posted on 25/07/04 23:18 Yes, in the midst of all of that, I forgot to tell TL to prepare a speech. Actually, that was a ploy for her to keep the speech short - I was dying for the cake hehehe
24/07/04 22:51 Chek Jawa Transect #8:
Tse-Lynn cuts the Cake (a wonderful pistachio thingie)...
24/07/04 22:52 Chek Jawa Transect #9:
And everyone gets a slice. Here's to more good years for Chek Jawa...and more transects!!
24/07/04 22:55 Chek Jawa Transect #10 (last):
Here's everyone, looking lively. Who says nature people don't know how to party :-)...ok, ok, I have to leave early because tomorrow got field trip. But everyone else stayed on....

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