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  our wild singapore: Chek Jawa
mms upload for 24 Jul 04 (Sat)

24/07/04 07:51 Chek Jawa #1:
A monk meditating? No it's Alvin in a poncho filming from our bumboat in the rain...yup...raining again...
24/07/04 07:58 Chek Jawa #2:
It's dripping when we arrive at Ubin jetty, and there are huge clouds over Chek Jawa itself...it doesn't look good...
24/07/04 08:28 Chek Jawa #3:
But there are still some valiant visitors who braved the rain to come and see this fabulous seashore.
24/07/04 08:29 Chek Jawa #4:
This is Adelle, the NParks officer who looks after the volunteer guides both at Chek Jawa and Sensory Trail is here to make sure we are all fine. Today, the NParks officers are very busy with all kinds of official events happening at the same time.
24/07/04 08:51 Chek Jawa #5:
JUst before we hit the shore, we noticed that the ground was covered with little mushrooms.
24/07/04 08:53 Chek Jawa #6:
Well decked out in raincoats, the visitors eagerly begin their exploration of Chek Jawa. This is Ley Kun's group.
Ria Posted on 27/07/04 10:55
I'm sure they did Ley Kun as you were there to guide them :-) Fortunately, the rain held off just long enough for us to have a look out at the sand bar.

leykun Posted on 26/07/04 11:27 Hi, I invited my husband's nephew Elite and his friends to the CJ walk. They are all CJ first-timers. Hope they had a good time at one of the natural marvels of Singapore. Leykun
24/07/04 08:55 Chek Jawa #7:
With ominous clouds in the background, we explore the rocky shore.
24/07/04 09:03 Chek Jawa #8:
The visitors' first encounter with the large carpet anemones is always magical.
24/07/04 09:09 Chek Jawa #9:
We move on to the sandbar...
24/07/04 09:12 Chek Jawa #10:
Across the seagrass lagoon, the coastal forest...
24/07/04 09:18 Chek Jawa #10:
We have a look at the sand dollars on the sand bar...
24/07/04 09:20 Chek Jawa #11:
Jen Lee is showing her friends some of the fascinating things that grow on any surface in the sea, including abandoned tyres.
24/07/04 09:21 Chek Jawa #12:
Under threatening skies, we continue to explore the sand bar. The distinctive northern point is in the background.
24/07/04 09:28 Chek Jawa #13:
The film crew is also working, in the drizzle. Here is Tom the Sand Jawa (from Star Wars) with the camera under its own poncho :-)
24/07/04 09:31 Chek Jawa #14:
The rain gets heavier and we have to stop the walk. We take a last look at the wondrous carpet anemones of Chek Jawa before we leave reluctantly.
24/07/04 09:53 Chek Jawa #15:
We rest up for a while at Punai Hut before piling into the vans for the trip back to the jetty.
24/07/04 10:20 Chek Jawa #16 (last):
Last look at wet, damp Chek Jawa from Ubin jetty. Sigh. Who do we blame for the rain now? The usual suspects not present or even nearby. Could it be one of the regulars? *gasp*...or...God forbid...Could it be just pure luck? nooo....can't be. The saga continues...

Chek Jawa is on the eastern most tip of Pulau Ubin
More about Chek Jawa; how to get there; and free guided walks

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