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  our wild singapore: Clementi Woods Park
mms upload for 22 Jul 04 (Thu)

22/07/04 07:19
Good morning! no low tide this morning :( so get to wake up at sunrise :) still a dreary day but the flowers are always cheery.
22/07/04 12:36 Clementi Woods Park #1:
Today Zeehan and Jani joined me for lunch and we decided to picnic out at Clementi Woods Park...
22/07/04 12:38 Clementi Woods Park #2:
Gentle steps led through lots of trees in a sea of green...it's really a "woods"...
22/07/04 12:40 Clementi Woods Park #3:
For some reason, there was a large patch of huge Bird's Nest ferns on the ground. It was strange but interesting.
22/07/04 12:42 Clementi Woods Park #4:
There was a little playground under the tall trees...
22/07/04 12:43 Clementi Woods Park #5:
...and the what seems to be obligatory Very Pebbly Reflexology Path that I've come across in many parks...
22/07/04 12:44 Clementi Woods Park #6:
Other than those features, there didn't seem to be much to attract about the Park. But as we sat through lunch, we saw a pretty female Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker hovering like a humming bird. At first I thought it was a large moth! We also heard Orioles, doves and bulbuls, and Z saw a woodpecker.
22/07/04 12:45 Clementi Woods Park #7:
We saw strange markings on the grass near the table where we ate our lunch. Our very own crop circles?....hmmm
22/07/04 12:46 Clementi Woods Park #8:
..our table was defaced by people who obviously feel so little sense of self worth that they need to leave their mark on public property. We see that Jack and Jill were here, too bad they did just go over the hill and fall down...
22/07/04 13:00 Clementi Woods Park #9:
There were lots of pretty butterflies, attracted by the flower beds nearby. There's a Painted Jezebel in top mid portion of this photo...what to do...camera phone cannot take small beasts that fly off when you come near.
22/07/04 13:05 Clementi Woods Park #10:
And here is camera phone trying to take a picture of the changeable lizard that was poking about a tree near our picnic table. Further away we could see lots of squirrels bounding about among the trees...
22/07/04 13:18 Clementi Woods Park #11:
On the way back, we notice more of the markings on the grass. And they were particularly regular...
22/07/04 13:19 Clementi Woods Park #12:
We take a closer look at the signs near each of these lines...Oh...Woodball. We pondered on what this game might be and hazarded the guess that it might involve a wooden ball? :-) Lame joke, ok. We promise to check it out on the internet and see what the game involves. But a great deal of the park appeared devoted to this game...
22/07/04 13:26 Clementi Woods Park #13 (last):
On the way back, at the top of the hill, we take a last look at the Park, prettily ringed by pink Frangipani trees...Perhaps we should come back when they are playing woodball. Should be interesting....

Clementi Woods Park is off Clementi Road location map
More about Clementi Woods Park on the NParks website

What is woodball?

Yman posted this very helpful (and colourful) explanation on 23/07/04 13:39

I recall watching some folks playing Woodball at Choa Chu Kang some time back. In a nutshell, the player uses a wooden mallet (like a sledge hammer) to hit wooden balls into tiny goal posts laid out on a manicured lawn. The lawn is about half the size of a tennis lawn.

Folks like to argue a lot during the game - just like kids do. Part of the fun is in watching them argue over the game. It is a great game for those who don't want to pay exorbitant golfing green fees, but enjoy hitting at things, jumping, swearing, and getting de-stressed, all at the same time.

The game involves lots of skills and strategies. For more information, see USwoodball

Actually, according to the Registrar of Societies, there are two Woodball associations here in Singapore (Singapore Woodball Federation and Woodball Association, Singapore) It certainly looks like good game for a nature walkers' gathering at Clement Park.

(:> Yman)

Thanks Yman!!

A quick internet search further has woodball described as a cross between golf and croquette. Originating in Taiwan, the game is played with a single wooden club and a wooden ball. The objective is to complete the course of 24 gates by striking a wooden ball with a wooden club from the tee box through the gate within the fairways. The game is played in flights of four and the winner will be the player who takes the least strokes to complete the game. A simple game that is easy to learn and suitable for people of all ages, from children to senior citizens, this new game has since spread to 26 countries.

Prior to Yman's helpful explanation, some flailing around by the clueless...
Gobygirl Posted on 23/07/04 09:30
So I tried looking for woodball etc on the net and there is not enough information on it. All I can gather is that it is similar to paintball and speedball. The website www.woodball.org is now DEAD so no other useful information anywhere......anyone else can offer anything?

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 09:38
I'd hate to think that woodball is like paintball :-) Well, hopefully some kind soul who knows and is trawling this blog will let us know. Or...we can just go back one weekend and find out what this is all about. I'm guessing they probably play on Sunday mornings.

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