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  our wild singapore: Pasir Ris Park
mms upload for 21 Jul 04 (Wed)

21/07/04 05:13 Pasir Ris #1:
5am and there's a huge storm outside. If it doesn't clear soon, might not go out as tide is not THAT low today....*yawn*
21/07/04 06:52 Pasir Ris #2:
Still raining but decided to just have a look see at this shore that I've never visited before. It was a huge flat. But VERY soft. I sank up to my knees not more than 3m from the shore. Although the flats looked very enticing to explore, I just couldn't go out.
Gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:43
The sandflats are actually mudflats and are really really muddy. The mud is the consistency of thick milkshake and one (or me) usually sink to my waist almost immediately. Better be careful with the cameras you have especially =)

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 09:42
Now you tell me :-) I realised I was in deep...err...sand?... when I sank up to the knees. Fortunately did not have full field pack on, and of course, like any good mudskipping person, I know how to crawl out on my knees, Big Cam between my teeth...haha!
21/07/04 07:02 Pasir Ris #3:
I stayed among the mangroves which edged the shore. It was a misty dawn as the drizzle continued. All the animals were hiding from the rain. I only saw a few mudskippers and even the snails hunkered down.
21/07/04 07:14 Pasir Ris #4:
This lovely patch of very accessible mangroves is bordered by Sungei Api Api and Sungei Tampines. The streams were flowing very fast after the morning storm. Not a good time to slip off the banks...especially with expensive loaned handphone :-)
21/07/04 07:20 Pasir Ris #5:
Another view of the large expanse of sandflats. In the distance is a floating fish farm. In the park behind me, I could hear all kinds of birds sleepily waking up, even in the rain.
21/07/04 07:25 Pasir Ris #6:
Apparently falling coconuts are a bit of a hazard at all our coatal parks...
21/07/04 07:26 Pasir Ris #7:
There was a wonderful fragrance in the air...and aha...it's the Tembusu trees, flowering in the rain. These beautiful native trees with deeply fissured bark have lovely white flowers which women used to wear in their hair.
21/07/04 07:30 Pasir Ris #8 (last):
My favourite part of Pasir Ris Park is the mangrove boardwalk through the mangroves. During the snake survey, we used to get a lot of different kinds of mangrove snakes. The most rare and special ones were found here, in this almost urban, tiny patch of mangrove! But the boardwalk is being upgraded and won't be ready until mid-2005. Certainly worth the wait.

More about Pasir Ris Park including location map and free guided walks there.

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