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  our wild singapore: Sentosa shore
mms upload for 19 Jul 04 (Mon)

19/07/04 04:20 Sentosa #1:
4.30am and time to shake those booties again...
19/07/04 05:28 Sentosa #2:
A "field trip" to Sentosa's shore is a lot more civilised than our other field trips.
19/07/04 05:29 Sentosa #3:
Palm trees are tastefully lit up along the way...
19/07/04 07:03 Sentosa #4:
As the sun rises, the tide comes in... time to pack up the phototaking.
19/07/04 07:04 Sentosa #5:
But here's a brief and blurry look at the shore...boulder corals and lots of rubbly bits that shelter all kinds of interesting plants and animals.
19/07/04 07:09 Sentosa #6:
Tom spotted this Flower crab that just moulted! The old shell is paler and smaller (in front) while the crab in its new soft shell is darker and behind the moult. For a better photo of this event.
19/07/04 07:11 Sentosa #7:
Chay Hoon spotted the Jorunna nudibranch. The camera photo can't really do justice to this cute little thing. For a better photo of the nudibranch.
19/07/04 07:20 Sentosa #8:
Gear all packed up and ready to go.
19/07/04 07:22 Sentosa #9:
Time to leave the beach...sigh.
19/07/04 07:24 Sentosa #10:
A last look at the sunrise over Sentosa's natural rocky shore. It has been lovely weather...but we miss Kok Leong. In some ways, we do rather have Kok Leong with us and risk his Mother's wrath (it's a long story).
19/07/04 07:26 Sentosa #11:
Sentosa's rocky shore is at the base of cliffs clothed in wild coastal plants.
19/07/04 07:29 Sentosa #12:
Leaving the shore along well paved and landscaped paths...sooo civilised.
19/07/04 07:33 Sentosa #13:
The problem with civilised places is that parking can get tricky. The only place to park has ominous rules...
19/07/04 07:34 Sentosa #14 (last):
This is where we park. We always miss getting wheel clamped by a whisker. And only because we leave at sunrise. Yesterday, the ranger nearly got us.

Gallery of photos I took today at Sentosa

More about Sentosa: more photos and info.


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