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  our wild singapore: What happens after a field trip...
mms upload for 18 Jul 04 (Sun)

18/07/04 09:03 What Happens after a Trip #1:
Just because we got back doesn't mean the work has ended. The washing up is a Big Part of the Process...sigh.
18/07/04 09:04 What Happens after a Trip #2:
The Tripuses are thoroughly washed. Tripus is the taller one, Tripussy is the smaller one. We forgot to bring along Monopus so she didn't have to get washed. Why their names? Because they are cephalapods :-) You have to be a biologist AND a film person to appreciate the humour...sorry.
gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:16
WOW - your jokes are soooooo eye-rolling!!! =))) By the way, I think its Tripusi instead of tripuses hehehe

jani Posted on 22/07/04 16:06
OH MY EYE.. MY EYE!!! I think it's cramping up. I can't roll it no more. Hahahha....! =))

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 09:52
Biologists! :-)
18/07/04 09:06 What Happens after a Trip #3:
Lucifer the Big Black Cat supervises the washing up.
18/07/04 09:09 What Happens after a Trip #4:
Recharging ALL batteries Big and Small is an essential part of Post-Trip Procedures or there will be Serious Problems the next day :-)
18/07/04 09:12 What Happens after a Trip #5:
Manis ensures all bags are properly emptied and cleaned.
18/07/04 09:13 What Happens after a Trip #6:
All equipment get a Thorough Cleaning with specially designed Good Morning towels.
18/07/04 09:15 What Happens after a Trip #7:
After taking care of equipment, we take care of ourselves. Wearing booties for hours and hours has its hazards.
18/07/04 09:17 What Happens after a Trip #8:
It is important to replenish all repellent used in a trip. Sandflies are among the very few creatures that even naturalists are not fond of.
gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:19
The real trick to not having sandfly bites (and all other manners of biting and stinging insects) is not repellent, in my humble opinion. It is to bring a sacrifice - one person who attracts mossies, sandflies etc and VOILA! insects no more. This method is tried and tested and has proven to win hands down!

jani Posted on 22/07/04 16:10
Gawd, my sandfly scars are still itching... we tried spraying insect repellant on a whole bunch of sandflies and they just didn't budge. Shows how effective your repellant is, huh?

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 09:51
Agree most definitely to the Sacrificial Victim Approach. Usually, it is the newest member of the team anyway who (a) hasn't learn to bring his/her own repellent (b) hasn't learnt where to spray (i.e., EVERY exposed bit of skin including behind the ears) or (c) is just plain tasty to bugs. I think it's fair. Most definitely.
18/07/04 09:36 What Happens after a Trip #9:
After video equipment get taken care of, we still have the Still photo equipment to handle...sigh.
18/07/04 09:39 What Happens after a Trip #10:
Still shots have to be downloaded, and MMS uploads updated :-)
18/07/04 09:41 What Happens after a Trip #11 (last):
ONLY after everything is properly taken care of can we take some well deserved Z'ss. There is only one hammock at Base Camp, and use by all crew is strictly rostered...it's MY turn now...

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