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  our wild singapore: St John's Island
mms upload for 17 Jul 04 (Sat)

17/07/04 02:12 St John's #1:
yaawn... 2am and the film crew and i are ready to go...the equipment is the most presentable looking thing right now. The crew look...words fail me...
17/07/04 03:18 St John's #2:
At Clifford Pier to take our workboat to St John's. Weather looks ok and we left Kok Leong behind:)
17/07/04 03:37 St John's #3:
And we are on our way. . .
17/07/04 03:39 St John's #4:
The night city skyline.
17/07/04 05:22 St John's #5:
Alas, we arrived in the middle of a rain storm with lots of lightning and thunder. Tom is filming the weather:)
17/07/04 05:29 St John's #6:
Video screen of Tom trying to capture lighting over the city skyline.
17/07/04 05:46 St John's #7:
The technical video term for this device is C47. It is traditionally used to hold gels to lights. But it also comes in handy to make a rain shelter :)
kllow14 Posted on 17/07/04 18:34
It's a clothes peg for crying out loud......kekeke Just name it C47 and sell it for S$6.60 a pair.

Ria Posted on 17/07/04 21:34
Yah lah, you know I know...but we must be professional you know :-)
17/07/04 05:48 St John's #8:
Even breakfast is soggy :-(
gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:12
That looks like a bunch of sea-cucumbers

jani Posted on 22/07/04 15:56
It's curry puffs right? is my "wild guess" right?

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 09:54
Hey...wrong section gals...
17/07/04 07:19 St John's #9:
Of course, as soon as the tide comes in and the sun comes up, the storm clears into a steady drizzle...sigh. Here is Yu Chen in the foreground with the misty city skyline in the distant background...it was rather beautiful actually...
17/07/04 07:22 St John's #10:
St John's fabulous rocky shore frames Sister's Island (the Little One) in the distant background.
17/07/04 07:23 St John's #11:
The rugged shoreline of St. John's is home to a variety of corals and other marine life. Photos will be uploaded later tonight.
17/07/04 07:25 St John's #12:
A last look at the city skyline from St. John's before we go back. Now off to work (my Saturday on, bo pien)...
17/07/04 07:26 St John's #13:
Film crew packing up in the shelter where we huddled in the storm...discussing Macs versus PCs. The final analysis: Macs look nice but PCs are cheap and good.
kllow14 Posted on 17/07/04 18:33
Lucky I (kok leong) was not there or i think i will sponge (absorb) all the blame. :P

Ria Posted on 19/07/04 19:05
We really missed you. We can always do with more troops in the PC (i.e., anti-Mac camp) :-)
17/07/04 07:29 St John's #14:
The dramatic clouds over the city skyline...just can't draw myself away from the view.
17/07/04 07:51 St John's #15:
We spot a large mushroom on the way back. It looks exactly like a nicely toasted bun.
HostSara Posted on 18/07/04 01:31
ooh. U must have been hungry then to come up with that metaphor. You know what those always look like to me? Toasted marshmallows. Toasted to crispy perfection on the outside, soft and melty and goey on the insides... *drool* can u tell i'm having a craving...

Ria Posted on 19/07/04 19:05
Oh dear, now you made me hungry too...

gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:10
Looks like a pink muffin -think its a MAGIC MUSHROOM??? hahahaha
17/07/04 08:00 St John's #17 (last):
Film crew and equipment loading up on the workboat...bleep...and battery on camera phone finally gives up the ghost. We're all worn out as well and catch some Z'ss on the way back.

Gallery of photos I took today at St. John's Island

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