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mms upload for 16 Jul 04 (Fri)

16/07/04 03:09
Good morning...3am and the alarm goes off. Time to check out another shore at super low tide.
16/07/04 04:06 Changi #1:
The roads are completely empty :-)
16/07/04 04:07 Changi #2:
Arrive at the Changi chalets. Everybody's still asleep...
16/07/04 04:10 Changi #3:
I start at the Changi Boardwalk. The phone camera can't capture the lovely lighting on the scenic rocks and black black sky spangled with stars. Or the fresh fresh sea breeze...who can sleep through this :-)
16/07/04 04:33 Changi #4:
Changi Beach Club is all lit up, the tables ready for breakfast...which my tummy reminds I haven't had yet...thought I forgot something this morning.
16/07/04 05:06 Changi #5:
end point of the walk, this is the temple at Loyang. The tide is coming in. I had a great night...lots of crabs, gobies and some sponges. The shore is recovering from the impact of the building of the boardwalk...pictures will be up later tonight after I process them.
16/07/04 05:29 Changi #6:
On the way back, two kind gentlemen who were fishing met me. They saw me going out alone into the dark and we worried for me. They borrowed a headlight from the security guard and walked out to look for me. Isn't that sweet. I was so touched. They were fishing but only caught this one small fish, which they called a "gelama". Apparently nice to eat.
16/07/04 05:30 Changi #7:
They use tubeworms as bait. These worms can give a nasty bite, thus the gloves. These gentlemen really know what they are doing.
16/07/04 05:31 Changi #8:
Some persuasion and they let me take their picture. "But don't put it up on the internet yah?" they say...heheh. That's Abdullah on the left and Albert on the right. They insisted that I take one of their wonderful fresh watermelon slices. They've been fishing here for a long time and say the fishing is not as good as it was...sigh.
16/07/04 05:37 Changi #9:
I leave the kind guys, the last two gentlemen in Singapore I am convinced. And take the Changi Boardwalk back as the tide has already come in.
16/07/04 05:39 Changi #10:
The Boardwalk is lovely at night. There will be a guided walk of the Boardwalk tomorrow (Saturday), including an introduction to the lovely Heritage Trees of Changi by the Green Volunteer Network. You need to pre-register to join: info@gvn.com.sg or call 6337 6062. More information at http://www.wildsingapore.com/places/cbw.htm
16/07/04 05:42 Changi #11:
The pavement is strewn with fragrant frangipanis. I sadly leave to go home and get ready for work.
16/07/04 05:49 Changi #12 (last):
Breakfast is just a 3-minute drive away at any of the 24-hour coffeshops at Changi Village. The other kind of "wild life" is still going strong...no pictures sorry...this blog still rated PG (for now :-)

Gallery of photos that I took today at Changi

More about Changi's shores: more photos and info

More about the Changi Boardwalk including location map and free guided walks by the Green Volunteer Network: You need to pre-register to join the walk info@gvn.com.sg or call 6337 6062.

The habitatnews site also has a page all about Changi and its special wildlife there


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