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  our wild singapore: Secret Park
mms upload for 15 Jul 04 (Thu)

15/07/04 07:12
"Good morning!" says the morning glory gloriously :)
These beauties only last the first hours of the morning...
15/07/04 14:23 Secret Park #1:
On the way to a meeting I steal a few minutes to check out a park not 5 mins away from the heart of Orchard Road (don't tell the boss). And what a lovely little park it was...
15/07/04 14:25 Secret Park #2:
The large lotus pond was an incredible sight; a pool of peace right next to the CTE!
15/07/04 14:27 Secret Park #3:
There were a few large mature trees, dripping with other plants.
15/07/04 14:28 Secret Park #4:
I just couldn't tear myself away from the lovely Lotus blossoms in the pond that nearly took up the entire park.
15/07/04 14:29 Secret Garden #5:
There were lots park benches overlooking this pretty pond, but sadly, no one to enjoy the view.
15/07/04 14:30 Secret Park #6:
There was a little playground too for the kids.
15/07/04 14:36 Secret Park #7 (last):
A last look at the park before I hurry off for the meeting... So can you guess what the name of this little park is? :-)

The Secret Park is Kampong Java Park!
Kampong Java Park is at Halifax Road off Cavenag Road (next to KK Hospital) location map

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