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  our wild singapore: Fort Canning Hill Park
mms upload for 14 Jul 04 (Wed)

14/07/04 07:35
Good morning *yawn*... An early start today, and what a wondrous sunrise! This special moment of pink and blue only lasts about 5 minutes, and it's not often that there is just the right combination of cloud structure and clear sky for this beautiful display (I should know, having tried to take photos of enough sunrises). So if you are lucky enough to see one, do stop to enjoy it :-)
14/07/04 12:51 Fort Canning #1:
Today i thought of dropping by this lovely park in the city.
14/07/04 12:53 Fort Canning #2:
not many may know that there are poignant tombstones on the sides of Fort Canning Green. This one was a tombstone of a little boy that died at age 11.
14/07/04 12:57 Fort Canning #3:
The Asean Sculpture Garden has intriguing works...
14/07/04 13:05 Fort Canning #5:
There are lots of majestic buildings and associated creatures :)
14/07/04 13:09 Fort Canning #6:
Heritage trees abound in the Park. This is the Ear-Pod Tree, truly, I kid you not. That's what it says on the sign.
14/07/04 13:13 Fort Canning #6:
right at the top of the hill is a reservoir but there is a gate across the steps and we cant go there.
14/07/04 13:16 Fort Canning #7:
The park is a GIANT green heart in the middle of the city.
Fort Canning # 8:
The palm valley is full of ...well...palms! Little bats often roost under palm leaves. Couldn't find any today, but am in a rush and anyway, can't take a picture of them with the phone :-(
gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:07
Wow - really Ria?? I have never seen them - or never looked really - show me one day??

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 09:58
Never seen the little Tent Bats? Wow, they are quite common. See them all the time at Lower Peirce esp, but also at Botanics and other palmy places. I bet they are even on the palms along the centre divider of our highways. We should start bat study when the tide is not low.
14/07/04 13:21 Fort Canning #9:
ancient trees festooned with all kinds of interesting plants...
gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:06
And animals!! Especially at night - I have seen some owls here!!

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 09:56
Cool! We must go and check it out at night then...but be sensitive not to disturb other possible "wild" life that no doubt will infest the romantic nooks and crannies :-)
14/07/04 13:28 Fort Canning #10:
a last look at this majestic park before i rush off for the moblog press briefing.
14/07/04 13:53 Fort Canning #11 (last)
today i will have lunch here...because the briefing is being held here. isn't it cool.
14/07/04 15:01
here is eck mobloging away during the press briefing. And he came up with a really hilarious series of mms uploads. Do go have a look at his blog...I just died laughing :-)

Fort Canning Hill Park is at Fort Canning Walk off Fort Canning Rise (next to Hill Street Fire Station) location map
More about Fort Canning Hill Park on the NParks website
There are free guided walks at the Park

Every last Sat of the month (Except for August)
4pm meet at the Cox Terrace Fort Canning Park contact: Lili 6332 1302


these blog entries were first uploaded on MoBlog Singapore! Celebrate Singapore NDP 04
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