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  our wild singapore: MacRitchie Prunus Trail
mms upload for 11 Jul 04 (Sun)

11/07/04 09:54 MacRitchie Prunus trail guiding #1:
A beautiful day to explore our forests...
11/07/04 09:56 MacRitchie Prunus trail guiding #2:
We are taking the waterside boardwalk.
gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:02
Look out for the White-bellied sea eagle's nest that can be seen very clearly from the boardwalk! It's a humongous bunch of sticks - you can't miss it!!
11/07/04 10:03 MacRitchie Prunus trail guiding #3:
Genevie our NParks volunteer coordinator leads the first group.
11/07/04 10:08 MacRitchie Prunus trail guiding #4:
Teck Seng our leading volunteer explains the tembusu tree.
11/07/04 10:16 MacRitchie Prunus trail guiding #5:
After pestering the other guides hard at work, i slack off at the start of the trail to wait for my group.
11/07/04 10:20 MacRitchie Prunus trail guiding #6:
Release of non native animals in our wild places is very damaging. This is explained in posters around the reservoir.
gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:00 FYI - based on on-going study by a graduate student from my lab, the non-native terrapins, the Red-eared sliders are really pushing the native terrapins such as the Malayan box terrapin, Black Marsh terrapin and other soft-shell terrapins from their homes. The non-native terrapins are now number several times more than our local ones and they are taking over our waterways!!

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 15:54
Oh dear, it's really quite bad then. Thanks for sharing. Fortunately, there are increased efforts to educate people on this. Sigh...it seems such a losing battle.
11/07/04 10:34 MacRitchie Prunus trail guiding #7:
My new friends from the church of the blessed sacrament...
11/07/04 11:31 MacRitchie Prunus trail guiding #8:
Genevie spotted a flying lemur! What a special treat for the group. For photos and factsheets on our very own flying lemurs in Singapore.
11/07/04 11:43 MacRitchie Prunus trail guiding #9:
A chestnut! There were several of these intriguing fruits on the forest floor. It still amazes me what we can see if we look.
11/07/04 11:54 MacRitchie Prunus trail guiding #10: Genevie tells us about the tree top walk which will start in August. We all can't wait to start guiding there.
11/07/04 12:03 MacRitchie Prunus trail guiding #11:
We say goodbye and they sang a lovely song for me. It was so touching. Just as we ended, it started to drizzle, truly a God-given day :-)
11/07/04 12:07 MacRitchie Prunus trail guiding #12 (last): Before we leave, here are some shy young guides-to-be who will soon be guiding the trail...

More details ...
MacRitchie Reservoir Park is off Lornie Road.
More about the MacRitchie Prunus Trail including a location map and free guided walks there.


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