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  our wild singapore: Chek Jawa
mms upload for 8 Jul 04 (Thu)

08/07/04 07:40 Chek Jawa guiding #1:
Today there is another guided walk at Chek Jawa. Here we are in the bumboat on our way to Ubin.
08/07/04 07:47 Chek Jawa guiding #2:
The weather doesn't look too promising over Chek Jawa.
08/07/04 08:02 Chek Jawa guiding #3:
It started to rain and the guides take shelter at a coffeeshop....Aha! This is the cause of the rain...
Kok Leong the rain man!
08/07/04 09:22 Chek Jawa guiding #4:
Alas the rain got heavier as the tours started. but the visitors did get a glimpse of Chek Jawa.
08/07/04 09:23 Chek Jawa guiding #5:
More rain...
08/07/04 09:26 Chek Jawa guiding #6:
Wet guides...
08/07/04 09:55 Chek Jawa guiding #7 (last):
Still drizzling as we sadly leave ubin to go back
to work. sigh.

Chek Jawa is on the eastern most tip of Pulau Ubin
More about Chek Jawa; how to get there; and free guided walks

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