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  our wild singapore: Chek Jawa
mms upload for 7 Jul 04 (Wed)

07/07/04 12:05 Chek Jawa #1:
Another lovely sunrise at changi.
07/07/04 12:09 Chek Jawa guiding #2:
The volunteer guides are here. where are the visitors?
07/07/04 12:12 Chek Jawa guiding #3:
Here they are! and Bari the friendly Nparks officer is wearing snazzy short pants today.
07/07/04 12:15 Chek Jawa guiding #4:
the tour begins :)
07/07/04 12:19 Chek Jawa guiding #5:
it was a beautiful day today with blue skies and sparkling water all around..
07/07/04 12:25 Chek Jawa guiding #6 (last):
The big seastar! Highlight of the tour!

Chek Jawa is on the eastern most tip of Pulau Ubin
More about Chek Jawa; how to get there; and free guided walks

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