using wildsingapore photos

I would be glad to share photos for appropriate uses.

Most of my photos are now uploaded on wildsingapore flickr
for free download.

See the flickr profile for more about why the photos have been uploaded.

Not all photos on wildsingapore resources are mine. I can only give permission for my photos.

Requests for high res versions of my photos without the wildsingapore watermark

I would be glad to consider requests for appropriate uses.

If your final product is for profit, I would appreciate that you make a donation of any amount you deem appropriate to any of these causes (they accept online donations):

Please note I need at least 2 weeks' notice (sometimes more) to process large numbers of requests. Especially during Apr-Sep which is my peak field trip period during which I am mostly in the field and have no time to process any photos. If you insist on having photos processed immediately, you will almost certainly be disappointed.

Please include the following in your request

(a) For photos from wildsingapore flickr please give me the URL of the photo or the photo ref number (found under each and every photo).

(b) If you are referring to a photo you saw on my website(s), pls include the full url of the photo. Not all photos on wildsingapore resources are mine. I can only give permission for my photos.

DO NOT email me a jpg of the image you want. I have nearly thousands of photos on flickr. I cannot figure out the photo you want WITHOUT the photo ref number.

All photos will be given to you in JPG.

Please note, I do not sell copyrights to my photos. All copyrights remain with me. But I can agree to permission to use for specific projects, as appropriate.

Permission granted is only for use in the specific project highlighted in your request. If you would like to use the photo for another project, please resubmit your request. Permission is NOT granted to put my photo in your personal or company database of photos. Permission is for USE, copyrights remain with me.

Please acknowledge my photos in your work. Please attribute photos to www.wildsingapore.com and/or Ria Tan.

Email your request to me at hello@wildsingapore.com (please put "wildsingapore attention ria tan" in the subject line, I get a lot of spam in at this address).

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