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When saving is a sin, and spending is a virtue
Letter from A. Dharma Perumal Straits Times Forum 1 Nov 07

Asia experiencing exponential rise in environmental problems: UNESCAP Channel NewsAsia 26 Oct 07

China: Green GDP unlikely to be revived soon
By Tracy Quek Straits Times 19 Oct 07

UN food agency urges fight against hunger on World Food Day
Channel NewsAsia 16 Oct 07

Genetically Engineered Plants Could Clean Humanity's Messes Charles Q. Choi Special to LiveScience Yahoo News 15 Oct 07

Green chemistry joins college curriculum
By Mark Pratt, Associated Press Writer Yahoo News 9 Oct 07

US scientist heralds 'artificial life' breakthrough
Yahoo News 6 Oct 07

World moves into the ecological red
By Jeremy Lovell Yahoo News 6 Oct 07

Kick the Habit - World Environment Day 2008
UNEP 1 Oct 07

Putting Asean at the heart of sustainable finance
Paul Clements-Hunt Bangkok Post 29 Sep 07

Chinese experts warn of Three Gorges Dam 'catastrophe'
Yahoo News 26 Sep 07

Time for the IT crowd to go green
by Steve Nunn BBC 24 Sep 07

Firms sign up for carbon rating
BBC 19 Sep 07

Time to tune in to the real world
Joanna Benn BBC 28 Aug 07

Norway Puts "First Ecological Prison" on Show
Story by Aasa Christine Stoltz PlanetArk 28 Aug 07

Eco-Millionaires See Boom Times Ahead
Story by Chris Wills PlanetArk 20 Aug 07

Chernobyl 'not a wildlife haven'
By Mark Kinver BBC 14 Aug 07

Hong Kong's green revolution
Eco-tourism and environmentalism have taken the urban metropolis by storm By Vince Chong Straits Times 12 Aug 07

International grandmothers' environmental movement
By Carson Walker, Associated Press Yahoo News 29 Jul 07

Study: Rural students better in science
By Nancy Zuckerbrod Yahoo News 25 Jul 07

Beijing 'stopped release of green report'
Straits Times 24 Jul 07

Algae bloom Price gloom: Chinese hairy crabs
Straits Times 22 Jul 07

Sex sells, but at what cost?
Matt Prescott BBC 16 Jul 07

Indonesian government warns of high waves, eruptions in coming weeks M. Taufiqurrahman The Jakarta Post 13 Jul 07

CEOs Say Consumers Only Go So Far to 'Go Green'
Story by Nichola Groom PlanetArk 22 Jun 07

"Green" Helpline to Cut Consumers' Carbon Footprint
Story by Jennifer Hill PlanetArk 20 Jun 07

Wuxi counts costs of algae crisis
By Chua Chin Hon Straits Times 11 Jun 07

Tree Planting, Worm Farming on World Environment Day PlanetArk 6 Jun 07

Melting ice in focus on World Environment Day
by Pierre-Henry Deshayes Yahoo News 4 Jun 07

New diet shrinks calories, carbon footprint
by Helene Labriet-Gross Yahoo News 1 Jun 07

Banking on green gesture?
By Clare Davidson BBC 30 May 07

The Surprising Realities of Mythical Creatures
Ker Than LiveScience.com Yahoo News 24 May 07

New Orleans' Rebuilt Levees "Riddled With Flaws"
Joel K. Bourne National Geographic 6 May 07

Science holds key to greener future
Sir David King BBC 26 Apr 07

Towards a greener New York
Thomas J Lueck Business Times 24 Apr 07

Astronauts recall view before Earth Day
By Seth Borenstein Yahoo News 22 Apr 07

UN Lauds Al Gore, Environment Leaders at Green Awards PlanetArk 19 Apr 07

Oil Production Could Peak Next Year
Melinda Wenner LiveScience Yahoo News 17 Apr 07

Depressed? Go Play in the Dirt
Ker Than LiveScience Yahoo News 13 Apr 07

End of oil heralds climate pain
David Strahan BBC 29 Mar 07

Insurers Weigh The Ways to Go 'Green'
Story by Lilla Zuill PlanetArk 26 Mar 07

WWF says pollution, dams threaten rivers
By Eliane Engeler, Associated Press Yahoo News 20 Mar 07

Did we fix it?
By Finlo Rohrer BBC 14 Mar 07

As Biofuels Boom, Will More Go Hungry?
Story by Ruth Gidley PlanetArk 8 Mar 07

Following the Crowd to Save the Planet
Jeanna BrynerYahoo News 6 Mar 07

Indonesia on the edge of an ecological disaster, says Walhi Agustina Wayansari Jakarta Post 5 Mar 07

Dutch pioneer floating eco-homes
By Alix Kroeger BBC 2 Mar 07

Farmer power the key to green advance
Michel Pimbert BBC 23 Feb 07

Why Women Have Fewer Babies Corey Binns Special to LiveScience LiveScience.com Yahoo News 17 Feb 07

A class apart on the seven seas For the 48 students in the Class Afloat programme, the world is literally their classroom Lee U-Wen Today Online 2 Feb 07

Indonesian mud volcano caused by drilling, say scientists
Yahoo News 24 Jan 07

Bush feels the heat on environment issues Growing opposition from Congress and public set to shrink support base further
By Derwin Pereira, US Bureau Chief Straits Times 20 Jan 07

Scientists prepare to move Doomsday Clock forward
Yahoo News 12 Jan 07

The nature conservacy extending its program coverage to Indonesia Antara 2 Jan 07

Say adieu to the Black Cat theory
By Tiger Tong Business Times Singapore 27 Dec 06

Chinese weather forecasts are top secret
Yahoo News 25 Dec 06

UN calls on Asia to take more eco-friendly measures
Yahoo News 23 Dec 06

Survey Shows Britain Caught the Green Bug in 2006
PlanetArk 22 Dec 06

Year End message from IUCN
IUCN 22 Dec 06

New Website Explores Technologies and Wildlife Conservation UNEP 19 Dec 06

Center for Biological Diversity Offers Free Endangered Wildlife Ringtones By Center for Biological Diversity ENN 19 Dec 06

Eco-tourism: A sustainable trade?
VIEWPOINT James Mair BBC 14 Dec 06

Taking a walk on the wild side
By Hannah Goff Education reporter, BBC 10 Dec 06

Best of the Green Room BBC 7 Dec 06
Michael Gunter: Wealth seeking among the green concerns
Jeremy Hattingh: Nature's not for taming
Maria Ashot: Climate solutions can be child's play
Steven Walker: After the 'stuff' is gone

Exposing Atrocities, Blogs Give Wildlife Warriors Instant SOS James Owen National Geographic 5 Dec 06

Birds of a feather: about birders and twitchers
By Sean Coughlan BBC 17 Nov 06

Manila wants tougher enforcement of environmental laws
By Manny Mogato Reuters 10 Nov 06

Kenyan Nobel laureate launches 'Billion Tree Campaign' at UN climate meet by Otto Bakano Yahoo News 8 Nov 06

Nature 'can help people keep fit'
BBC 7 Nov 06

Anti-Fast Food Fair Spreads Epicurean Revolt
Story by Mathias Wildt PlanetArk 7 Nov 06

Good Governance Key To Environmental Well-being
By Melati Mohd Ariff Bernama 1 Nov 06

Mistaken theory harms conservation efforts: study
By Jeremy Lovell Yahoo News 1 Nov 06

Humans living far beyond planet's means: WWF
By Ben Blanchard Yahoo News 24 Oct 06

Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Micro-Loan Pioneers
Stefan Lovgren National Geographic 13 Oct 06

U.S. population set to hit 300 million
By Stephen Ohlemacher, Associated Press
Yahoo News 15 Oct 06

Planet enters 'ecological debt'
BBC 9 Oct 06

Ig Nobels honors odd scientific research
By Mark Pratt, Associated Press Writer Yahoo News 5 Oct 06

The Truth Behind the Spinach Scare: Cheap Beef
Christopher Wanjek LiveScience.com 27 Sep 06

Ivorian Scandal Reveals World's Hidden Toxic Trade
Story by Oliver Bullough PlanetArk 28 Sep 06

Understand and respect those around us - man or animal
Letter from Shalini Pehrinparaj Straits Times Forum 26 Sep 06

Denying links with animals allows us to treat them like mere objects Lettter from George Jacobs PhD President, Vegetarian Society (Singapore) Straits Times Forum 26 Sep 06

Floating rubbish piling up in Three Gorges Dam
Yahoo News 21 Sep 06

The World Bank at a Crossroads
The Stratfor 21 Sep 06

Public is Key to Solving China Pollution Woes - Expert PlanetArk 20 Sep 06

Civil society organisations discuss environment, poverty and education By Neena Mairata Channel NewsAsia 17 Sep 06

Critics Call World Bank Energy Scheme Misguided
Story by David Fogarty PlanetArk 18 Sep 06

Russia Cancels Shell's Sakhalin Ecological Approval
PlanetArk 19 Sep 06

Eco-Paradises in Crossfire of Water Scarcity Fight
Story by Laura MacInnis PlanetArk 18 Sep 06

Millions to Clean Up Cities, Beaches in Protest
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 18 Sep 06

El Nino Weather Phenomenon Returns
PlanetArk 18 Sep 06

Environmental Commitment by World Bank Bears Watching, Says WRI Policy Note By World Resources Institute ENN 14 Sep 06

Environmentally-friendly fire: BAE promoting 'green' munitions Yahoo News 17 Sep 06

World Health Org. clears DDT spraying for malaria
By Deborah Zabarenko Yahoo News 15 Sep 06

Crocodile Meat, Bush Foods Find Popularity in Aussie Stores Stephanie Peatling National Geographic 14 Sep 06

Google maps spotlight Earth's changes, wonders
Yahoo News 13 Sep 06

The Ecology of Cities
By Earth Policy Institute ENN 12 Sep 06

Irwin fans seek revenge, killing up to 10 stingrays
Today Online 13 Sep 06

The global path of pollution
By Richard Black BBC 7 Sep 06

Think of the animals Honour Steve Irwin the conservationist but not the provocative methods Letter from Joan D'Arcy Today Online 9 Sep 06

'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin killed
BBC 4 Sep 06

Innovators seek greener PC future
By Chris Long BBC 1 Sep 06

McDonald's succumbs to hedgehogs' needs
Yahoo News 1 Sep 06

Author sees science, religion saving environment
By Daniel Trotta Yahoo News 1 Sep 06

In Large-Scale Study, NC State Scientists Show Landscape Corridors Promote Plant Diversity By Preventing Species Loss Science EurekAlert 31 Aug 06

New parks to protect animals seen as feasible
BioScience EurekAlert 1 Sep 06

China to relocate 240,000 people to protect environment
Channel NewsAsia 31 Aug 06

Pledges of $3.1 Billion for Environment Project 'Too Little'
By Clare Nullis, Associated Press ENN 31 Aug 06

Rebuild New Orleans Wetlands, Architect Suggests
Story by Peter Henderson PlanetArk 31 Aug 06

'Natural' disasters are often man-made
IUCN 30 Aug 06

Green Wave Surges Onto Pop Culture's Shores
Story by Jeffrey Goldfarb PlanetArk 30 Aug 06

Water abuse is costing the Earth
Viewpoint by Ahmed Djoghlaf BBC 24 Aug 06

Illegal Trade in "Get Rich" Algae Expands Deserts
Story by Emma Graham-Harrison PlanetArk 24 Aug 06

It Is Easier to Be Green, but Does It Matter?
By J.M. Hirsh, Associated Press ENN 22 Aug 06

Food, biofuels could worsen water shortages: report
By Alister Doyle PlanetArk 21 Aug 06

Rich and poor countries alike face water crisis
Yahoo News 16 Aug 06

China draws line in sand to end pollution for good
By Chris Buckley Yahoo News 16 Aug 06

Taiwanese parents opting for less stressful "forest" schools for children By Ken Teh Channel NewsAsia 15 Aug 06

Asian poverty 'threatening environment': World Bank, IUCN Yahoo News 9 Aug 06

Ecological effects of Gulf Coast hurricanes
Ecological Society of America EurekAlert 7 Aug 06

Welcoming Homer the tree-hugger
Viewpoint by George Meyer BBC 3 Aug 06

Japanese firms produce more eco-friendly products
Michiyo Ishida Channel NewsAsia 31 Jul 06

Food giants to boycott illegal Amazon soya
Felicity Lawrence and John Vidal The Guardian 24 Jul 06

Engineers to build Everglades reservoir
By Brian Skoloff, Associated Press Writer BBC 21 Jul 06

Conservation goes back to its roots
VIEWPOINT Ashish Kothari BBC 14 Jul 06

Giant Panda Sanctuary, Malpelo Island and Kvarken Archipelago inscribed on World Heritage List IUCN 12 Jul 06

Sumatran Rainforest not on World Heritage in danger list, despite escalating threats IUCN 12 Jul 06

The Greatest Loss
contributed by Kenny @ Matt Salleh WildAsia 12 Jul 06

China Giant Panda Sanctuary Put on UN Heritage List
Story by Darius James Ross PlanetArk 13 Jul 06

States Ban Hunting of Live Animals over the Internet
LiveScience Staff LiveScience.com Yahoo News 7 Jul 06

The World Conservation Union recommends three new sites for inscription on World Heritage List IUCN 5 Jul 06

Lost connection to animate Earth
Viewpoint by Stephan Harding BBC 29 Jun 06

Going for green at the World Cup
By Sam Wilson BBC 29 Jun 06

Planning for stewardship an important part of successful ecological restoration University of Washington EurekAlert 29 Jun 06

Indigenous Group Keeps Ecology All in the Family
John Roach National Geographic 29 Jun 06

Scientists investigate giant algae bloom off Canada's west coast AFP Yahoo News 29 Jun 06

Baby gray whale births rebounding on Pacific Coast
Written by AP PlanetSave 29 Jun 06

Wildlife Twinning - the World Land Trust in Partnership with Zoos and Aquariums By World Land Trust ENN 28 Jun 06

The Creative Gallery on Sustainability Communications launched UNEP 23 Jun 06

Malagasy Ecoguides Hold Key to the Forest
Story by Ed Stoddard PlanetArk 26 Jun 06

Blagging in the blogosphere Do blogs hinder rather than help people in the environmental debate? Viewpoint by Richard Ladle BBC 23 Jun 06

Finding green in the concrete jungle
By Richard Black BBC 19 Jun 06

Alaskan Eskimos Fear Whaling Future under Threat
By Daisuke Wakabayashi, Reuters ENN 21 Jun 06

World Grain Stocks Fall To 57 Days Of Consumption : Grain Prices Starting to Rise
By the Earth Policy Institute ENN 16 Jun 06

Environmental factors behind a quarter of deaths from disease: WHO Channel NewsAsia 17 Jun 06

"Myth" That Green Protection Hits Economy – UNEP
Story by By Alister Doyle PlanetArk 16 Jun 06

The challenges facing an urban world
By Mark Kinver BBC 13 Jun 06

Policy makers draw up list of 'top 100' ecological questions EurekAlert 7 Jun 06

China: Costs from pollution exceed $200 billion per year
Written by Chris Hawke PlanetSave 5 Jun 06

New Generation of 'Green' Activists at US Colleges
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 5 Jun 06

Soccer World Cup Seeks Green Legacy
PlanetArk 17 May 06

Communicating biodiversity: Hard work and no fear of figures IUCN 17 May 06

Nature vs Nintendo: Video games or national parks
University of Illinois at Chicago EurekAlert 9 May 06

'Clear lead needed' on green life
BBC Online 2 May 06

A Short History of Environmentalism -- A Guest Commentary
By Tensie Whelan ENN 1 May 06

Green idealists-valuable innovators?
Economic & Social Research Council EurekAlert 24 Apr 06

TRAFFIC works with Chinese leaders to promote the conservation of Traditional Chinese Medicine TRAFFIC 24 Apr 06

Wildlife defies Chernobyl radiation
By Stephen Mulvey BBC Online 20 Apr 06

Scientists Find Rivers Under Antarctic Ice
PlanetArtk 20 Apr 06

World's first environmental broadband TV channel 'green.tv' launches today UNEP 31 Mar 06

Beetles at Alaska Museum are Unsung Soldiers of Global Warming Research By Rachel D'Oro, Associated Press ENN 28 Mar 06

World Water Day: UN bid to celebrate vital - but 'neglected' - water Channel NewsAsia 22 Mar 06

China must step up environmental protection or face disaster Written by Audra Ang PlanetArk 13 Mar 06

The 'butter-side-down' school of science
BBC 13 Mar 06

Camping, hiking and fishing in the wild as a child breeds respect for environment in adults, study finds By Susan S. Lang EurekAlert 13 Mar 06

Inspired by Past, NY Town Seeks to Get Kids into Nature
Story by Daniel Trotta PlanetArk 13 Mar 06

Scruffy is the new green
Viewpoint by Richard Black BBC 9 Mar 06

Attenborough defends 'wildlife porn'
By Geoffrey Lean The Independent 5 Mar 06

The Myths and Facts of Freshwater -- a Guest Commentary
By Jamie Pittock, WWF International ENN 3 Mar 06

BBC's wildlife archives released
BBC 3 Mar 06

In thrall to the green god
Viewpoint By Martin Livermore BBC 3 Mar 06

Experts Foresaw Tragedy in Philippines
By Jim Gomez and Michael Casey, Associated Press
ENN 24 Feb 06

Drought Kills Wildlife in East Africa's Sanctuaries, Hits Annual Migration By Rodrique Ngowi, Associated Press ENN 20 Feb 06

'Faster emergence' for diseases
By Paul Rincon BBC 20 Feb 06

Tree of Life project grows more leaves and branches
EurekAlert 20 Feb 06

China announces plan to combat pollution, revive battered environment
Written by Elaine Kurtenbach PlanetSave 15 Feb 06
China Issues Guidelines to Tackle Pollution
Story by Lindsay Beck PlanetArk 16 Feb 06

UN Global Environmental Chemical Deal Wins Approval PlanetArk 8 Feb 06

New Orleans 'risks extinction'
By Helen Lambourne BBC 2 Feb 06

Globalisation Raises Globalised Risks - Study
Story by Thomas Atkins PlanetArk 27 Jan 06

Thousands of chemical plants on China's waterways raises alarm World Business Council for Sustainable Development
24 Jan 06

China, India seen setting stage for environment-friendly world Channel NewsAsia 12 Jan 06

China's growth could be fatal for the planet's environment: activist Channel NewsAsia 6 Jan 06

Viewpoint: Earth is too crowded for Utopia

Chris Rapley BBC 6 Jan 06

Humans Display Their Stupid Side to Wildlife
Story by Ed Stoddard PlanetArk 3 Jan 06

Negotiating Nature at the WTO (Part 4) What kind of deal for people and nature? IUCN 21 Dec 05

Christmas is Damaging the Environment - Report
PlanetArk 16 Dec 05

Science faces 'dangerous times'
By Helen Briggs BBC News science reporter BBC 30 Nov 05

Media's eco-stories 'too gloomy'
By Ben Sutherland BBC 30 Nov 05

Human health and nature conservation
BMJ website 26 Nov 05

Mother Nature Tops Time Person of The Year List
PlanetArk 15 Nov 05

Year of Disasters Speeds Drive to Pool Knowledge
Story by Barbara Lewis PlanetArk 9 Nov 05

Toxic "E-Waste" Gets Cached in Poor Nations, Report Says
By Ben Harder National Geographic 8 Nov 05

Clean Up the World
Radio Singapore International 29 Oct 05

Japanese inventor grows plants on porous lava stones
Channel NewsAsia 23 Oct 05

Young Malaysian Trash Pickers Make Turtle Nesting Beaches Pristine as Part of Global Cleanup By Vijay Joshi, Associated Press ENN website 19 Sep 05

New UNEP Guidebook on Producing Effective Environmental Campaigns UNEP website 5 Sep 05

Zero-waste estate helps fight India’s growing garbage problem
By Channel NewsAsia's India Correspondent Vaibhav Varma Channel NewsAsia 26 Aug 05

China choked by pollution but
signs emerge it is addressing the issue

Channel NewsAsia 16 Aug 05

Taiwan authorities act to reduce ghost month pollution
Written by AP PlanetSave website, 12 Aug 05

High DDT Levels Found in Breastmilk of Hong Kong Mothers PlanetArk website, 25 Jul 05

Eight New World Heritage Sites Designated
IUCN website, 14 Jul 05

“Natural Capital” Investment or Higher Costs and Lower Profits UNEP website, 12 Jul 05

Synthetic Fragrances Harmful to Marine Life, Study Says
John Roach National Geographic website, 11Jul 05

Natural golf courses redefine green
More superintendents use fewer chemicals while enjoying the view
Stephen Morton MSNBC website, 1Jul 05

Plastics in food containers linked to breast cancer
Today online 31 May 05

Chemicals in plastics 'harming unborn boys': Toxins have gender-bending effect, say scientists Today online 28 May 05

Worldwide coastal cleanup bags 4,000 tons of debris
by Jeannette J. Lee PlanetSave website 19 May 05

Earth Day at 35: Is it still relevant? Heyday was in 1970s; today it's an institution By Miguel LlanosMSNBC 22 Apr 05

On Earth Day, environmentalists debate future of movement Written by Terence Chea PlanetSave.com 22 Apr 05

Activists push recycling to fight "e-waste"
by Rachel Konrad, Associated Press PlanetSave.com 21 Apr 05

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