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  Channel NewsAsia 26 Nov 05
Nee Soon South volunteers to patrol Lower Seletar Reservoir
By Rita Zahara, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : Some 300 residents from Nee Soon South are keeping an eye on their favourite hangout at Lower Seletar Reservoir.

They have formed a trained watch group to patrol the grounds of the reservoir to keep out crime and even watch out for those enjoying water activities there.

Full-time schoolboy, part-time security officer: 14-year old Hairulnizam Samad is one of the youngest residents volunteering his time to patrol Lower Seletar Reservoir. He has been trained in first aid and other crime prevention techniques.

He said, "In case of emergency I know what to do -- CPR in case someone faints and firefighting in case a fire occurs. Through the recent camp, I've learnt the 3Bs: be prepared, be vigilant and be alert."

Come December, the watch group will take turns to patrol the area. Travelling in groups of six, the volunteers are also expected to spread safety measures and keep a look-out for any signs of danger.

Said Wallace Chew, chairman, Nee Soon South Civil Defence Committee, "We think it's our duty at the grassroots is to take responsibility for the residents and the users to make sure there is security and safety when using the parks. The reservoirs and parks can be a target for terrorism. That's why we carry on with this project, to make sure that everything is in order and peaceful."

The watch group is a part of the Our Waters Programme, an initiative which aims to encourage individuals and groups to take ownership in caring for Singapore's waterways, reservoirs and parks. - CNA /ct

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