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  Channel NewsAsia 22 Oct 05
Volunteers test Singapore's waterways in World Water Monitoring Day
By Dominique Loh, Channel NewsAsia

Just how healthy are Singapore's waterways?

To find the answer, a group of students from Temasek and Singapore Polytechnics, along with volunteers from the Waterways Watch Society, have been gathering samples from nine locations around Singapore.

Armed with test tubes, water tubs and test kits, they collected the water from areas ranging from the Kallang Basin to reservoirs and rivers. The students have been testing the level of dissolved oxygen, acidity, clarity and temperature. These four properties are important in determining the level of aquatic life.

The exercise is part of the World Water Monitoring Day. The event, which falls on October 18, is a global effort aimed to raise awareness on the importance of clean water.

It also hopes to teach the public the responsibility of safeguarding the world's fresh water supplies.

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